Getting back into the Swing of Things

  With track season around the corner its only a matter of time before you’ll need to pull out those old running shoes and start your base training. Ugh but who really wants to get off the couch, slow down on the netflix binge watching and skip out on moms homemade meals? Well if you’re … Continued

How to Conquer Failure

We all deal with failure at some point in time. Some of us dwell in it and never really let go and other of us learn from the situation and improve. My thought on failure? ” I have never failed, I just found 1000’s ways that don’t work”. 1. Don’t play the Victim.. Oh “woe is … Continued

To Make it As a Pro

How many success stories must you hear before you create your own? Some of us are born with the talent and others of us work for it. With becoming a pro athlete there are few things you must understand if you want to make it in your respect sport. Sacrifice. Failure. Dedication. Sacrifice: “an act … Continued

How to become a Track Athlete

First things first. Us trackies are completely into ourselves. We are confident in our abilities. So if it’s your first time coming out to track practice don’t be intimidated, we’ve been around the block a while and understand confidence instills fear in our competitors. In reality we are actually really nice…. at least some of us. … Continued