How to become a Track Athlete

First things first. Us trackies are completely into ourselves. We are confident in our abilities. So if it’s your first time coming out to track practice don’t be intimidated, we’ve been around the block a while and understand confidence instills fear in our competitors. In reality we are actually really nice…. at least some of us. … Continued

Dealing with Fake, Nasty and Broken Teammates #tracknation

So, I’ve been lucky enough to have some of the most awesome teammates in the world! The teammate I have right now get’s me and we speak openly. Now every teammate you have will not be the best teammate in the world. Some will secretly, or openly, be jealous of you. Some will go to the … Continued

7 Must haves to Become an Amazing Track Athlete

As a competitive athlete or a beginner we are always striving on how to improve in the sport we love. Be it Track and Field, Field Hockey or Basketball there are consistent trends in attitude and work ethic that play a major part in an athletes success. Check out my 7 must have to become … Continued