This year I hosted my first ever hurdle clinic and it was a great success.

The Sirena Williams Hurdle Clinic is designed to teach the youth the proper techniques of hurdling, both physical and mental. The Clinic teaches athletes proper warm up drills, speed and acceleration drills, proper hurdle technique, blocks starts and the mental mind set you should have while executing all of the drills and while hurdling.

With the Sirena Williams Hurdle Clinic I hope to inspire those who may have considered hurdling and those who are current hurdles to come out and learn the proper techniques from a student of the craft. There's no better person to learn hurdle technique from that someone who is currently doing it or can relate.

Check out the pictures from the clinic below.

Gabriell Janine

Thank u for giving ur time and knowledge! We are super excited for the season to start! Good luck on ur journey to Rio we will be watching and cheering for u!

Nikia Wade

Thank you so so very much for your knowledge, expertise and patience!!!I know Niko is ready for the season to start so he can show off his new moves. You opened his mind to something new (hurdles) that he didnt think he could or would like to do, and Nia had NOOO interest in track at all, but now she is pressing me to get her school track team! It really was an amazing clinic, and We can't wait till the next one.

know that you made a huge impact on each of the kids that attended your clinic. thank you for sharing with us. Congrats to you, and our prayers are with you on your journey to Rio. We know you got this!

Jenifer Sanchez

Thanks for the great experience my daughter had the last 2 days, we were wondering if you have more future clinics or if you possibly do private lessons?

Roger Wilson

You know before heading out there I thought my son was a little young for hurdling, but after watching you make him some make shift hurdles and the excitement on his face while learning I'm glad I came. Thank you for giving back to the community and inspiring my son to become a hurdle. The clinic hurdle session was a great way to teach him how to hurdle over defenders in football.

Interested in attending the 2nd Annual Sirena Williams Hurdle Clinic ?

Contact me & let me know !

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