Hey!…What’s up?!

So…my name is Sirena Amarikwa. I am an entreprenuer, retired pro athlete, mom and wife. I am sure I am leaving out another title I can add to my list…LOL! But for now, we will stick with that. I am a Brand Director/Social Media Consultant for sports personalities. I take demon shits. I have a sense of humor, sometimes.

I have competed internationally in the 100-meter hurdles, while pursuing a professional track and field career. Add to that, trying to make the 2016 Olympic team! I was close but yet so far away. I placed 14th overall at my first USA nationals Competition. That was super exciting!!! I got married in my husbands native country Owerri, Nigeria and I now have two children, all while building businesses with my husband, Quincy Amarikwa. Perfect Soccer being one of them.

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My goal through my blog is to create a resource for women like me; women who are building a business with/without hubby and raising children, transitioning into life after sports, and women who want to nail life in general. Women who are looking for a little inspiration outside of themselves, to keep up with the good fight. Also for women who just would like to see what it’s like being married to a pro athlete, and doing all the things that I currently do while remaining sane and happy! Yes…it can be done…LOL! It takes A LOT of work and hard conversations.

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I also plan to continue to share my track secrets on how I navigated my professional track career, to get as far and as notable as I did. The blog will also include tips in general for high school or college students who may be wondering how to navigate the team environment, coaching issues, and other things that athletes deal with in being involved in any team sports.

This of course… is a quick summation of what I am all about. The depth of accomplishments and personality I’ve got goes beyond what I could ever possible write in this blog. But, if it sounds of interest to you then let’s get started together. Connect with me on Instagram (@sirenaamarikwa) and tell me what you’re most excited to learn from me. I publish articles based on what friends and family are most interested in learning about me or hearing my opinion on! I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon, and sharing with Me!

Until next time…Sirena~