Unaplogetic Parenting #momblog

I’ve never been one to get down with conformity. I never understood why everyone always wanted to “fit in”. While growing up, the kids I saw desiring to “fit in”, just seemed miserable. They seemed as if they weren’t being themselves, or

Oh The Places You’ll Go! #mommyblogging

Mommy blogging!… Just sounds so strange to me. I’m use to giving advice on sports. You know… how to navigate a new coach, dealing with teammates, or how to create an income from running type stuff… These are things I know. LOL!

So much has Changed!!

So the last time I talked to you guys I was working on a blog post I had already spent two weeks on it and it's still not done yet . However, since then so many things have changed all for the good of course. I'll got through the big ticket items