Welcome to Trackercise !

Trackercise will expose you to my track life ! Get first hand insight on what its like to pursue a professional career in track and field ! Follow me on my journey to greatness !

Here's a little taste of what I do best!

Shock Squats!

The way the squat is done is as follows :

  1. Stand in squat position for 3-5 seconds
  2. Sit down and lift feet up off the ground for 1 quick second
  3. Explode up and return to squat position for the hold
  4. Repeat

What Position is This ?

So pursuing the career of a professional athlete has amazingly fun times !

With those fun times comes the nitty-gritty work.

What I mean by nitty-gritty is the hardcore emails that I get from my coach !

It is GREAT that I get emails like this ! I love it ! Keeps me on track to ensure that I am learning what I need to learn and running more efficiently !


Alternating Hurdle Walk-Overs

Alternating Hurdle Walk overs are good for loosening up your hips before your hurdle workout. Also a great drill to do for jumps. Make sure your feet stay dorsal flexed throughout the entirety of drill and the shoulders are still and quiet. Drill should be done on tippy toes.

Imagine that there are two walls on the side of you and the only amount of space you have to move is the length of the hurdle. Keep your arms and legs close to your body and DO NOT swing your leg around the hurdle. The closer your limbs are to your body the easier to balance and the quicker the movement. An easy way to do this is by keeping your abs flexed through the entirety of the drill.


Pun intended !

Just though I would update you guys on my progress! Hope you enjoy !

My Training and Coaches Interview

My coach is pretty awesome !

This is only one of them. I think it is rare that you find coaches that mesh well with your personality !

Glad I found two !

Wes Williams & Rahn Sheffield

Two Peas in a Pod !

Two Peas in a Pod !

So I asked a fellow track runner to record me doing this drill.

It is the first time I was attempting it and had no idea what I was doing.

When I called my coach to see how exactly I was suppose to do the drill, what he was saying made absolutely no sense to me.

So this is what I came up with.

Excuse the camera angle

(that awkward moment when the person you ask to record for you is adamant that they know whats best, wierd thing is almost every Youtube video with a girl doing this drill is this same angle).

Now that you have gotten all your laughs out check out another angle of the drill.


Pull throughs are meant to work your Glutes and Hammy. So if you are looking for that runners butt, get in the gym and do a few of these !

SideNote: I have no idea why I have those white socks on like that lol.


Ever wondered how to hurdle ?

Well I know I did at one point in time !

and tooodddday I did something right !

Check it out Below !