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So browsing around on the world wide web I came across Bug Girls Blog Article “Scientifically Accurate” Spider-man (is not accurate). I decided to read the entire article before I clicked on any links… Glad I did…

After completing the article I clicked on the link Scientifically Accurate Spider Man.. I’m glad I did…again…

I am a bit of a bug fanatic, more so when I was younger…. not so much now…

Neeewwwaayyyyyssss watch the video below for your pure humoric enjoyment ! (Humoric is not a real word I made it up)

and check out bug girls write-up below !

Where Does the Web Come From Again ?



“Scientifically Accurate” Spider-man (is not accurate)

spidermanLast year I wrote a post about Spider-man, and how his anatomy may not be…err, as PG as one might wish. In less than 500 words, I tried to write an entertaining post about how actual spider anatomy is not analogous to Spider-Man the superhero’s anatomy.

I did not expect to enrage Fanboys all over the internet quite as much as I did, but over all counted it as a science communication win. (I will confess to occasionally forgetting-on-purpose to hyphenate SpiderMan in this post because it makes them even madder, though.  I am a bad person.)

And THEN: Scientifically Accurate Spiderman: The Video.

This video is marked as ADULT, so you might have to go to YouTube and sign in to view it.  The video takes some elements of what I wrote and puts it in a blender to make a cartoon that is… interesting? Really, if you haven’t seen it, go watch it just for the sheer WTFery of it all.
I transcribed some of the more puzzling lyrics of the song here:

Vaguely Scientifically Accurate:

  • “His web erupts from out his ass”: Closer to the truth than actual Spider-Man, although technically webbing would erupt from spinnerets located near his taint.  Technically. In an imaginary universe where Spider-human hybrids don’t immediately DIE.
  • “Four pairs of eyes”: While this isn’t true of all spiders, it is correct for most.
  • “His dick falls off”: How they got from “spiders don’t have a penis like a human” to “his dick falls off multiple times, and usually ends up in someone’s food item,” I’m really not clear.  As a side note, I’m impressed that the penis in the video apparently has its own, separate Spider-man costume.  I always just assumed Spidey tucked left in the leotard.

Not Even Close to Scientifically Accurate:

  • “It’s a science fact spiders are gay”  WHUT?
  • “There are 250 spiders on your skin”  WHUT WHUT?
  • “Spiders produce milk.”  This could the most hilarious misunderstanding of transgenic goats that produce spider proteins ever. Alternately, they might be thinking of milking spiders for their venom. Which…still makes no sense, because why does ‘Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man’ have nipples?

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  1. I did not know spiders produced milk.

    Even if that turns out not to be true, I still really like that idea.

  2. I will never be able to view another Spiderman show with a straight face again…


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