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Question of the Day ! #pimpinainteasy

“Would you consider going into pimping?”

Recently I asked this question on a social networking site I am actively involved in. I was curious to see who would consider going into pimping. Considering this economy….

Out of a small pool size I found that 25% would, 65% would not  and 10% were neutral. So with the outstanding win of 65% of the popular vote pimping would not be a way of life for most. My favorite reason was ” Pimpin’ aint easy “. Just tickled me pink.

Pros to Pimpin:


  1. You are your own BOSS.
  2. You get a suit ! or dress nice in general
  3. You do not have to report money earned on your taxes
  4. You have a plethora or a few down females or males at your beck and call
  5. You set your work schedule
  6. You are able to leverage your time
  7. Others do the hard work for you


Cons to Pimpin:

  1.  If a male or female gets out of line you have to have some sort of disciplinary action on hand
  2.  You create a lot of enemy’s
  3. The law is always after your operation
  4. You have deal with the personalities and complaints of your employes
  5. Make sure they are not minors !
  6. Pimpin aint easy 

SideNote: This is a comedic post. Not to be taken literally.

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