To Make it As a Pro

sirena Alise

How many success stories must you hear before you create your own?

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Some of us are born with the talent and others of us work for it. With becoming a pro athlete there are few things you must understand if you want to make it in your respect sport. Sacrifice. Failure. Dedication.

Sacrifice: “an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.”

Every athlete sacrifices something; friends birthday extravaganza, short weekend trips, late night sleepovers, etc. You have to be selfish with your time and thoughts. And sometimes that means skipping out on your best friends Bachelorette party on account of a competition that you have or breaking up with a significant other because they weren’t supportive of the goals you were trying to achieve. The level of success you are working to achieve needs you to be completely focused on every task it takes to get there. There is a reason they say ” Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Track and Field”.. It’s because that’s what it takes to get you were you want to be. NO loopholes.
To Make it as a Pro

Failure: “a sudden cessation of power.”

Sirena Alise Work outBeing in control of your physical ability to complete an athletic task is empowering in itself. What defines you as a pro athlete is how you function under failure. Do you break or do you rebuild?  Failure is a huge process of learning how to become a pro athlete and an athlete in general. There is a learning curve to understanding how to deal with failure throughout your athletic career and experience is it’s best teacher.

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Dedication: “the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose”

The single most important quality you must have. You must be dedicated. This isn’t a oh I’ll work out today really hard and skip tomorrow or I’ll do it tomorrow type of profession. You have to do it now and consistently. Practice makes perfect and consistency is key. If you do anything long enough you will find success.

Being a pro athlete isn’t easy. It’s fun yes, but there are a lot of things that go on behind closed doors when it comes to becoming a professional athlete. If you can master sacrifice, failure and dedication then understand you are on the right path to becoming an amazing athlete.

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  1. The only thing I think you missed is an extreme attention to details. I’m a pro athlete as well, and have followed your Instagram for a little while now. You inspire me for sure. I tell everyone that reaches out to me that they need to focus on the details to improve. All the best going forward, and best of luck with the recovery.

    Duante’ Abercrombie

  2. Passion is definitely one, run for the joy of it and never for the money. Money just helps you get by

    • Passion is a great addition!! I definitely think having passion for something you love to do will make you more successful and in return put you in a position to earn an income that will be more than just helping you get by!!

    • Love what sprintingtogold added. The passion you have for your sport sparks drive from inside, which fills your soul far more than monetary rewards could.

  3. I love the question – Do you break or do you rebuild? and Perseverance is key

  4. Love this article! Very useful information. Thank you!

  5. I wish i could be a pro runner but my knees just cant take it anymore 🙁 so i run 4 miles dsily for fun with rest days of course. I love running.

  6. Dedication, I battle with that sometimes. It can be pretty hard but your post is so motivational. Thank you


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