How to become a Track Athlete

First things first. Us trackies are completely into ourselves. how to become a track athleteWe are confident in our abilities. So if it’s your first time coming out to track practice don’t be intimidated, we’ve been around the block a while and understand confidence instills fear in our competitors. In reality we are actually really nice…. at least some of us. Check out these 3 quick steps to get you started to becoming a track athlete.


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1. Find out when try outs are

This is easily the most important thing. If you don’t know when to try out how are you going to become a track athlete? Find out the time, date and location of try outs. Be it with a club or school. While your also looking up the try out info find out who coaches what, or at the very least who the head coach is. Reach out and say hello. Ask a few questions so they know who you are when you show up. Building a healthy relationship with your coach is important for a healthy training environment. If you need a little help in this area you will enjoy this article -> 3 Steps towards building a Healthy Relationship With your coachhow to become a track athlete

2. Do research

The cool thing about track and field is the number of disciplines you can compete in. There is literally everything. Running, Jumping, and Throwing. Look up all the track events and figure out which ones you might want to take a stab at on the day of try outs. Learn a little bit about the sport so you are prepared when you step on the track.

3. Go to Try outs how to become a track athlete

Try all of the events until you find something you love or something you are good at. Either way if you get good at it you can get a scholarship to go somewhere. Free education fo yoooouuuu!


If you’ve never done track before and would like some more tips to better prepare you for your first try out check out these articles!!!


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