Consulting & Content Creation

Social Media Manager

Y ou started a company, and/or have a product or service, and need help to build a following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? You’ve already got your social media strategy and just need someone to manage it? Building followers takes time! (tons of it, and patience) Don’t waste your time. Let me manage your accounts and build you an organic following that you can later take over yourself should you choose to do so.

Brand Development

R eaching your target audience in a digital world can be difficult and again, time consuming. I offer social media consulting for brands that want to focus on authenticity and engagement. I can help you effectively use YOUR online outlets to reach your target audience.

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Content Creation

Need to portray a fresh perspective of your brand or fitness products? Interested in sharing a more personal side of your clothing company or product?  As a Professional athlete and fitness enthusiast, I communicate your brand as an experience.

Sports Photography

H igh-resolution photos, of authentically captured movement and poise for social sharing and professional edited images with graphic & text overlays for increased engagement.

Digital Storytelling

C reate a personal experience of your product, sports gym or offering through blogging and social media coverage (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat).

Video Shorts

S trategic fitness shorts and professionally produced and edited videos. Showcase your product or service through the eyes of a Professional Athlete!

Brands I've Worked With

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