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So much has Changed!!

So the last time I talked to you guys I was working on a blog post I had already spent two weeks on it and it’s still not done yet . However, since then so many things have changed all for the good of course. I’ll got through the big ticket items first and you can check the gram for everything in between. There’s some fun stuff on there. 😉

The Briday Shower: I had a bridal Shower, where my family and friends got to know me a little more than they probably would have liked. haha. OH WELL!! I enjoyed myself and I know they did too!

Oh I had a bomb ass engagement shoot with photographer Alex Cardenas. Talk about capturing how sexy of a couple we are. Toot Toot beep beep.

I got Married… In Africa… Yes Africa! The motherland, the most beautifulest place in the world that words can not explain and only experiences can . My husband’s family is from Owerri, Emo State, Nigeria. The best place in the world. Of course that’s a bias statement. 😉  I traveled with my entire family. Mom, Dad, and sister en tow. This was their FIRST international trip. Let me just say that again. THIER FIRST INTERNATIONAL TRIP!! That’s huge!! But their first international trip and they soaked it all in!!! More details to come in a later article.

I traveled to cancun for my bachelorette trip. Yes backwards I know but that’s just the way my schedule worked out haha. We had a great time. Did not get wild and party but instead explored and hiked! I am not the wild party goer type but I do get down when necessary.

I got married again. haha. This time in the states 🙂

And now I am expecting a little human! I don’t know the sex yet. It will be a surprise!! Or at least I’ll find out when we throw our gender reveal party haha!!PSYc4U

Any who those are just a few things that have been keeping me busy since the last post. I don’t typically share what goes on behind closed doors but with all the changes happening why not start incorporating some of my life experiences as well!

Updates again!!! So my last edit on this post was June 6th and 6:15pm haha I’m such a joke when it comes to being consistent and publishing things!!!

Since then more fun things have happened and my life has finally “slowed” down before it gets all crazy again!

Only edits I have

 I am having a boy!!! Long story short, I told everyone it was a girl, only to find out we are having a boy!

I am rebranding the company my husband and I created, that I almost never mention because hey I’m a private person. My company has reached the point behind the scenes where I am starting to work with really big names! So why not expand!

I went to two weddings!

Was featured in shoot for Green Weddings. Oh!! And got some facetime with Jansport!!

Won my first conference championships title as a Track Coach!!

uuummm that’s all I can think of right now haha!!

I am sure there are other things I am not remembering at the moment. So now I have an “excuse” to write more blog posts. Not that I need one! 🙂


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