USA Indoor Championships & Run For The Dream

60m indoor championships

Solid racing this weekend. First day was blah and second day I felt on point !

Walked away with a PR and taking 9th overall. I guess you can say that was somewhat of a success !

The announcers had jokes to after re-watching my race. I have a feeling they are going to have a blast with my name the better I get. I’m wondering who is going to get clever with it and bring some originality. You can only say not the tennis player for so long. :)

The first day was Prelims. My legs felt dead that day. I didn’t feel fresh like how I felt on Monday at the Fresno meet.. You can catch that race below… The Fresno race…I know I’m late uploading it but hey lol I get busy !

Fresno Run for the Dream 2014 55m Hurdles Race


My Fresno race felt amazing !

The second day came and I had a lack thereof of a warm up. Took like 3 sprints, went over about 3 hurdles and then we were taken out of the warm up area. It was just really weird. Anyhow I felt really good even though I didn’t warm up much and I ended up racing really well. It still didn’t feel like Fresno, but it felt close and my time showed it.

I think it’s safe to say that all this work I’m putting in is working ! Which is nice. It would suck if it didn’t …


 Womens 60m Hurdles Heat 2 – USA Indoor Track and Field Championships 2014

SideNote: Hey Mom look I made it on the big screen lol and what is that person in the behind us looking at ? 0_O

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