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Question of The Day !

” In a perfect world which would fit best monogamy or polygamy ?”

A Pimp Named Slickback

Recently I asked this question on a social networking site I am actively involved in. I was curious to see how individuals felt about polygamy and monogamy.

Out of a small pool size I found that 77% believed monogamy would work and 23% believed polygamy. I think it is safe to say that the average person desires only one partner, oooorrrrr can only handle one partner. The most common reason monogamy was more popular was because it “ends up being easier”. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not, can be taken in different ways.

Although some fantasize about have multiple relationships that all contribute different aspects, the probability of maintaining them and keeping everyone happy appears to be hard work to the majority.

What do you think? Monogamy or Polygamy? In a perfect world….

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  1. Well, I am one of my husband’s two wives and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also have friends who co-wife. Polygamy is not for everyone, man or woman. A man’s ability to be just is the most important factor. Of course there will be jealousy among wives and he will love his wives differently. That comes with polygamy, but if you are a woman/man and you have made the decision that polygamy is what’s best for you, than you learn to deal with those issues. For you to survive polygamy and have a successful marriage, you must have faith in God.

    • Wow that is amazing. I totally agree with you on the point that polygamy is not for everyone. Being that you are one of two wives , if you don’t mind me asking, how would you feel if another wife was introduced ? Is this a conversation the three of you would have (You, the second wife & Husband)? How do you feel about sharing your husband ?

      • I do believe that my husband would come to us if he was interested in taking on a 3rd. I say that because I know my husband and I trust his decision making. As for how I would feel… I would be upset, jealous, and want to know why the two of us aren’t enough. At the end of the day, if that’s what he wants to do, he will do. However, God has blessed me with a good husband. If he was to ever want a 3rd wife, it would be for good reason. Such as: he’d marry a widow, or a woman who needs help with herself and her children, a woman who has a skill that my co-wife and I don’t have but would benefit our family. I wouldn’t leave my husband if he was to marry again. As for sharing my husband. I have space issues. I grew up in a grouphome so as I was coming into adult, I grew a fondness for being by myself at times. I love my husband… I just don’t want to sleep with him every night. Sometimes I just want to be with my children. Sometimes, I just want to look a hot azz mess. Lol. Sharing is caring 🙂 For me it’s not a dick and pussy thing because I married my husband because he makes love to my mind.

      • That is the number one reason why I think any one should marry, in regards to making love to your mind! I strongly believe your partner should challenge and nourish you intellectually ! The brain is such a powerful muscle ! It is good that he would come to the both of you before wedding a third if he would do so. I believe communication is key in any type of relationship , especially in your since there is tons of love and sharing going around . As a teen or young adult did you see yourself In a marriage that you are in as of now ? Are you teaching your children to be in a polygamist relationship like yourself or do you leave the option open to what they decide (not sure if they are old enough, but just in case they are)? Or what do you foresee teaching them ? On a side note, To me it kind of sounds like you use him for his mind and seed lol power to you if that is the case ( I won’t tell) lol( I could be wrong) . I completely understand wanting to be alone , I feel every one can relate to wanting to be alone sometimes in a relationship to reflect on thoughts or just be with children. I don’t have any yet so i will experience that aspect later , when married with children . thank you for sharing with me your life ! I’m glad I decided to post this question , what we see on tv is not always what is happening in real life so it is nice to hear from someone experiencing it first hand !

      • 🙂
        I had never been an ‘only woman’ up until about 3 yrs ago. Growing up I was the ‘side chick’. Being the only woman didn’t really appeal to me. I didn’t have any good examples of men in my life growing up so for me, I felt safer not being the only woman. All I knew was seeing heartbreak, lies, deceit.
        About 3 yrs ago I got into a relationship where I was the only woman and the first few months were great… But then I was like, OMG! Him again?!
        As far as my daughters, they are 8 y.o and 2 y.o. My oldest has already decided that she doesn’t want to be a co-wife and that’s totally their choice to make. She could also change her mind 1,000 times from now until she actually gets married. I’m less concerned about what number wife they are and more concerned about them being productive citizens in society.
        And you know, all this time the Sister Wives show has been on air, I’ve never watched it until last night on Netflix… I love it! The relationship that the first 3 wives has with eachother is beautiful! I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes from season 1 but I’m looking forward to tuning in.

      • That is amazing you have such a compelling story ! I am really glad you took the time out to respond to my questions. You are very informative and welcoming ! I also got a chance to look around your blog site ! You have got some good material ! I look forward to featuring your post sometime soon ! I will be sure to let you know(some how lol, still figuring out how wordpress works exactly)!

        And I agree about sister wives. It is a very interesting “reality” show. I take the information given lightly though, I would like to think most of it holds truth, but with the media I know they like to manipulate what we see. So with that, most reality shows that look into other cultures or how people are living I use as a basis in understanding that culture or style of living ! 🙂

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