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Question of The Day ! #grownuplife

adult baby

” What do you want to be when you Grow Up ? “

As a kid I wanted to be a veterinarian… I volunteered at the SPCA my senior year of high school and came to the conclusion that being a vet wasn’t for me.. all they did way spay and neuter cats and dogs all day.. hindsight that probably wasn’t the best exposure to vet life .. but anyways I continued on to college to find my love for the outdoors ! I majored in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity with an emphasis in Wildlife conservation… In short or the easiest way to explain what I plan on pursuing is a park ranger.. but more like the park rangers that do all the cool research on various animals and report on it… Funny thing is this is not what I am doing now.. currently I am pursuing a professional athletic career .. which so far has been a pretty fun journey.. So out of curiosity I thought I would take to my special social network and find out what others want to be when they grow up !

What Do you want to be when you grow up ?

Jon H.: Retired

Richard o.:  I don’t wanna grow up

Ed W.: I have no idea ! LOL

Kat N.:  Rich scrooge mcduck

Mudocin: An IFBB card holder

Patty S.: Nice

Douglass H.: Grow up ? F that lol

Sam J.: I wish I knew..

Mike O.: Happy

Chris S. : Rich

Randy R.: I’m gonna be awesome. But I already am, I refuse to grow up lol

Isaiah P.: A Boss. you ?

R B.: Old

Dave B: Me

Kelly H.: Psychologist

Dennis S. : Taller

Phendon C. : Older

Bowie G.: I’m it already gorgeous

green power ranger

Jersy B: A good person, or an astronaut haven’t decided yet Craig H: A real boy

My Favorite Convo for this Question:

Nathan H.: Not gonna lie.. I wanted to be a power ranger lol

Me: Siiickk and you still can on the 31st of October every year ! your dream to be a  power ranger has been right in fon of you this whole time !

Nathan : LOL I went as the original green ranger last year


So now I ask you ! What do you want to be when you grow up ?


Sidenote: most of the people who answered this question looked at least over 30.. and how creepy is that adult baby ?

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