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Catfish Online dating

Do you believe in Online Dating ?Online Dating

Recently I asked this question on a social networking site I am actively involved in. With online dating being the new way people find soul mates, I was curious to know who actually believed in online dating.

Out of a small pool size I found that 47% believed in online dating and 53% preferred the old fashion way of finding love. 

Both sides had compelling arguments to their stance.


” Most people don’t have the confidence to approach strangers. So I think its hard for people to find somebody , much less somebody that really shares a lot of their interests. Online dating opens people to a world of people they wouldn’t have met before ” – Jason P

“yes with the potential of meeting ” – Shad H.

“this day and age it’s so easy ” Jimmy L.


“Girls are all guys or old land whales ” – Mike Z.

“Yes and No when you have the chance of meeting someone underage ” -Josh T.

” Never tried it ” – Jacob S.

With the new series Catfish exposing most online daters how do you feel about online dating ?

There seem to be hundreds of sites available if you are interested.

Pandoras Box

Mate1 (& done ?)

Spark Networks

Do U Like

Plenty Of Fish


Singles Net





Web Affair

Get Any Woman

Social Network Adult Hook Ups

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  1. I’ve been in debates about this a few times, or at least have seen debates. There are pros and cons to either. I don’t think one is better or worse than the other. It just comes down to preference.

    Non-believers will say that there are more bad people, stalkers, etc when it comes to online dating, but those same “bad people” are also people that you come across in real life to begin with. So the threats or concerns are no worse online than offline.

    When it comes to offline dating, even then you don’t know if that person is going to be a creep. They are just going to show you their best side and you end up finding out the hard way if they are being real or not down the road.

    Online dating just gives you a preview online of who that person is, and as you begin talking you’ll get to know if they’re being real with you or not, and the safety feature of online dating is that you can simply block them if it came down to it.

    Either way, you’ll find out if a person is being truthful, and whether or not there’s really a chemistry there as you eventually go offline. It’s just a matter of preference to a person’s personality type or preference. I actually preferred online dating and I’ve had better success with it than I ever have in meeting someone directly offline.

  2. Kia

    Tried it once… Never again!! You have to be so careful because you don’t know whether this person is a crazy psychopath! At least by meeting them in person (or better yet, through a friend) you can see their maneurisms as they’re talking/ interacting with you. Just like people lie about their lives on social media, they do the same on dating sites.


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