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…..When you agree to be good you agree to be lonely… #thingscoachessay #tracklife #trackandfield

The other day I had a conversation with my coach who is always on the move. One of the things he said that stood out to me the most was…

..When you agree to be good you agree to be lonely…

And he is right.. I don’t like it but it’s true.. anytime you take on the challenge to be great in what you do you are adversely agree to a life of being lonely. Lonely in the aspect of you are great at what you do and you will probably be the only one who is good at it amongst your peers (my interpretation).

You are responsible for you greatness.. no one else… Could you imagine a world where someone else could make you great (milli vanilli assumed greatness and then was destroyed when everyone figured out they were lip singing.. for those of you who will question if someone can build your greatness.. just don’t let people find out you faked it I guess if you do decide to go this route) ! It would be insane if there were to many greats walking around ! RahnSheffield

Earning your greatness is so much more powerful than it being handed to you. People respect your hard work and admire your hustle. It is no secret that pursuing what exactly you want takes hard work and time. It is this that make me admire all of the professional athletes I see on t.v. , actors, actresses, certain models (mainly ones who face some type of hardship or discrimination.. Tyra Banks for example) and also those you don’t see on t.v. , doctors, lawyers and any other profession that takes hard work.

Showing appreciation for another also comes with perception and exposure… exposure in the sense that if it is something you have not tried yourself or been shown it is normal not to respect what that person may be doing because you don’t understand what it takes to do get where they are at (hopefully that made sense). Ignorance is Bliss Right ?

Ok but that’s beside the point ! Neewwaaayyysss back to my rambling . Understand that when you take on the challenge to be great there are going to be “trials and tribulations” .. periods of loneliness.. and periods of joy .. Be sure to surround yourself with peers who genuinely support you in all your endeavors. If you have a hard time figure out who is genuinely there for you think about the friends you have. If you only hit them up to party then that is your party friend not your best friend, If you only hit them up to confide in and speak about real life situations and they are not an enabler (yes man/woman) they are more than likely there for the long hall.

side note: Free write ! did not proof read ūüôā lol


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  1. Love this! You’re absolutely right.


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