OOOHhhhhhh Canada ! My 1st #trackandfield #tracklife

Victoria Canada Circuit
Left to Right: Chanelle Price, Andres Perezchica, Jerome Avery, Fawn Dorr, Kyle Clemons, Me, P.J. Rice, Jernail Hayes, Luke Pawlaczyk

Where do I even begin to explain how amazingly awesome this experience was ?

This past week I got the opportunity to live my dream… A true professional track and field athlete !

Yes , I’m not the fastest yet but that will come in time. This is just the start !

When I found out I had the opportunity , I freaked out for like 3 or 4 days straight lol My family knows I’m not really the one to get all emotional and excited about stuff, it takes a lot to pull some type of something out of me and this did it !

But I’ll skip to the fun stuff !

First race was at Harry Jerome on Canada Day (July 1st).

Race went horrible (kind of not really). I wasn’t in my normal element, it was hot and I was walking around like a chicken with my head cut off lol But it was a great experience.. hit a hurdle, got thrown off, took dead last… sucks right.. eh not really the experience was great and I had a good field of competition…. I just didn’t show up for the race.. To busy freaking out on the inside while remaining to look cool on the outside lol

Harry Jerome 2013 100 Hurdles

Watch more video of Harry Jerome International Track Classic 2013 (NTL #4) on flotrack.orgWomen’s 100 Hurdle Race Harry Jerome 2013

I’m the one in lane 1 on the inside… watch as many times as you please.if the video doesn’t show up follow the link…

After the meet Me and a bunch of other runners went downtown Canada for Canada Day looking for fireworks. We did not find any and spent most of the night in search of these alleged fire works.. We did end up hearing them which was soooo awesome.. NOT! lol We did see a tree on a building though.. thought that was different. Like honestly.. how many fully grown trees do you see on the tops of buildings ? Think about it then let me know..

Harry Jerome
Heading out for Canada Day, Me, Kyle Clemons, Jerome Avery (left to right)

The following day we took our journey to Abbotsford ! Fun bus ride, spent most of it listening to other peoples music I could hear blaring through their headphones…

Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace

They are not going to be able to hear by the time they are 40 lol.. jk jk but seriously though……

photo 1Arrived in Abbotsford (I was saying this cities name wrong the entire trip) went to the store.. OMGEEEE everyone we asked on our walk to the store had no idea where it was !!!!

1st interaction

Me : Excuse me do you know where the grocery store is ?

Lady with Peeing Dog : NO sorry I have only lived here for two days..

I am assuming everything she needed was in her house already ?

2nd interaction

Team-Mate : Excuse me can you point me in the direction of the store ?

Man Waiting at Bus Stop : I have no idea what you are talking about…

UUmmmm ok ? Can’t argue with that…

3rd Interaction

Me: Excuse me do you know where I can buy some fruit ? Like a grocery store ? 

Lady walking: I’m sorry I have no idea where I am ..

Why is she walking around ?

4th Interaction

Other Team-Mate: Hey do you guys know where the store is

Group of teenagers mobbing down the street: just keep walking down the street…

lmao like honestly people ! How do you not know where the grocery store is lol

We eventually found a Dollorama where I proceeded to buy a bunch of candy ! Later on they actually found the real grocery store lol

photo 5

Meet Day in Abbotsford

photo 2

The prettiest mountain view, I can not remember the name of the mountain but sounds like baker… lol I could be completely wrong so don’t take my word for it.

This was a small meet, but at one point in time was a big meet, hit or miss. It was still amazingly fun and a great experience !

photo 4
Kyle Clemson getting his butt whooped in table tennis.. I guess he forgot who he was playing against…

Hahah scariest thing ever, to me, is watching people flip.. apparently some of the track runners have hidden talents like doing back flips lol Don’t tell their coaches though…. I shall not name any names either…

After the meet we had Canadian style hot dogs and hamburgers ! Yummy !

This race went well, was very relaxed and thought throughout the entire race about what I was doing. I don’t normally do that but I did that race and it helped a lot !

photo 3
Left to Right: ShaKeia Pinnick, Lawrence Trice, Kyle Clemons, Allison Beckford, P.J. Rice,Jernail Hayes, Andres Perezchica, Jerome Avery,Me, Reggie Dixon <- on the floor

Next Day we traveled to Victoria .. The prettiest Ferry Ride ever ! Saw sea otters and boats and planes and land and kayaks and maybe a whale ?

Took tons of pictures !

photo 2
Chanelle Price, Me, Fawn Dorr, Reggie Dixon,Kyle Clemons, Jerome Avery, Andres Perezchica

Meet Day in Victoria

This is the first time I’ve ever ran at 830 at night ! Was really weird.. not really just didn’t know what to do all day..

Out of all the races I had this was the best one ! I competed through 6 hurdles then my trail leg started doing the funky things that it does when it is out of it’s element.

photo 3
Jerome Avery, Reggie Dixon, Me, Luke Pawlaczyk, Manteo Mitchell

I was extremely happy with this performance, I did not run the time I wanted but I executed most of it how I wanted to. Which is all I can ask for.. I showed up for the race I guess you can say… half the race…

After the meet a bunch of us went out and celebrated !

Uuubber fun !

For once in my life I wasn’t responsible and I had a blast !


photo 4

Sidenote: I had no idea how I wanted to write this post… so if its all over the place.. you know meeeee 🙂


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  1. Congrats on going International! Sounds like a lot of fun other than the dead lasts… but on the bright side sounds like you’ve learned from them and can only approve next time around, good luck!

  2. Hi Serena! I just want to let you know I find your posts fun and entertaining. I have nominated you for the Shine On Award 🙂 Click here for details:


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