Sirena WilliamsTrack and field is one of the things I love to hate or Hate to love. I only miss it when I am on the track. I don’t know if it is because I have conditioned myself to leave everything on the track.. ie keep my track world separate from my reality .. or if I actually don’t care for it when it’s not in face ?  Is that the same thing ? IDK …..Out of sight out of mind… But newayssss ..Whenever I am on the track it’s amazing. I am super excited to be there and work out (mainly only on hurdle days).  Once I leave… another story .. I could careless about going back.. #LOVEHATE


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  1. Haha I know the feeling I’m the exact same way. In the house, meh I don’t wanna run it’s cold, out soaked in the rain, ahhh this is awesome!!!

  2. ola williams

    It is not common with everyone Sirena, pple love whatever made them what they are & so much cherish it nt LoveHating it. I cannot love u and at the same time hate u! Contradictory? Sounds like. U are a lovely person Sirena.


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