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Track Talk Tuesdays

Today is the only day it will be 11.12.13 …. Think about it… Was this day epic ?

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  1. Liz

    There was some trash talking in high jump… but yea… it was mostly dumb. In track it is pretty easy to know who is better due to stats. I guess in HS… if you didn’t get the Invite status at Arcadia or Mt.Sac… then you could use that. I feel like I am reaching here.

    • Sirenas World

      Yea it is kind of hard to trash talk when you know stats. But then again if you don’t show up that day to compete then you never know what could happen. And yea you can use arcadia or mt sac as fuel for trash talking ! lol Good stuff ! I just realized I trash talk all the time in practice… mainly cause its fun.


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