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This past weekend I raced in my first race to start the 2014 season.

The first race is always all over the place in my opinion. Nerves are high in the set position and your not really sure what’s going to happen next. Well at least my nerves are high in the set position.

My first race went better than I thought. Sat in the blocks and watch everyone get out per usual, had a hiccup at two and finished the race. The end lol you can check that out below.

1.25.14 Azusa Pacific Prelim Race 60m Hurdles

SWEET-BROWN-i-ran-for-my-lifeNow for the final. The nerves were out of the way and full concentration mode was on. I actually got out of the blocks and ran through the hurdles.. I mean ran through them … Not “jump” but run.. you don’t jump hurdles you run them.. and man did it feel like I was moving. After the race they called us back to the finish line to get our times and whatever else they were doing. Since we were standing there for a long period of time I jokingly said they probably don’t have our times. A few moments later they let us go… Of course after about 15 min after they release us I come to find out that the timing system failed.. * Insert sad crying emoji… Are you serious ? Why yes .. yes of course.. This is the second time I have opened up and felt like I ran a life best and the timing system has failed. I swear I shed about 4 tears on the inside…

Well since they couldn’t tell me my time I decide to do some calculating myself.. according to my calculation I think I ran any where between 8.15 – 8.2 if this is correct this is a P.R. for me. Like big time. Last year I end with a 8.3 in like March. Sooo yea.. I would like to know my official time lol (I used an app that allows you to pause video in case you were wondering)


Azusa Pacific Finals 60m Hurdle

Ugh ! Has the timing system ever failed you ?

Comment Below ! Let me know your story !

Makes me kinda wish we did handtime and automated time !

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