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Goal Setting

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Today I want to talk a little bit about goals and steps that can be taken to achieve your own. We all have goals, we set them (even set out to achieve them), but when was the last time you actually planned out a goal? Let me tell you, it is difficult to try and plan details of a goal (long or short term).

I have taken on this Olympic Journey since the end of August now and for the last 3 1/2 months or so, it has taken up a lot of my energy. Now… don’t get me wrong, I am happy to do it, but by taking this on, it has forced me to jump outside of my comfort zone. I find myself doing things I have never done or haven’t done in quite some time. It has forced me to look at goal setting, and more importantly, goal accomplishment differently.

1. Know your goal (vision your goal). Sounds simple enough right? Well… we may know what we want out of life or in our career (or not if you’re stubborn or enjoying your current state) but are we specific enough? Instead of having a goal to be healthy, wealthy or whatever your fancy, why not specify what the goal means to you. For example – you could have a goal to get down to a specific weight. In any type of coaching, they call this the desired outcome. Once you KNOW your goal, write it down. A written goal brings clarity, focus and gives you a direction. It is also a powerful reminder that you can use to keep yourself on the right track when you feel stressed and may consider making hasty decisions.

How to set your goals2. Getting Started (strive for your goal). Setting attainable but ambitious goals is a great thing. People want to lose weight, eat better, stop smoking, travel the world, be wealthy, and even make the Olympic Team. All of these goals are pretty daunting taken alone. To make the accomplishment of the goal much easier, try to break down the goal into more manageable chunks. You can also visualize yourself achieving your goal. Seeking advice and reading inspirational quotes is another great idea. I use my coach as a source for training and life advice. I also read quotes and watch movies and draw inspiration from all my surroundings. Being positive is another key factor. You have to believe in yourself before you can accomplish anything.

3. Achieve your goal (arriving at your goal). It’s important to draw from all of your achievements that are relevant to your goal. No matter how small you perceive your achievements, list them anyway. Once you review your list, you will be amazed at how all those small achievements soon add up, and how much you are capable of doing. One of the most important factors in achieving your goals is learning from your mistakes. In the pursuit of a goal, you are likely to make some mistakes. Don’t see them as bad or get angry. They are important to correct you and to lead you to success. Remember to celebrate your progress. Celebrating your successes will help keep you motivated and hungry as you continue to climb the ladder. Listen to your internal dialogue and understand that what you are saying inside affects you physically, emotionally and mentally. You must recognize that if you are truly passionate about your goal, it is up to you to make time to accomplish it. Keep a written record of your goals in a place where you’ll remember to read them every day like a journal, your computer or a blog (like this one!). They’ll change and adjust over time as your life does, so keep them up-to-date. Last but not least, persevere. Now that you have the momentum going, don’t let it stop! Some steps may seem less exciting than others seem, but make sure to stick to your plan until the end! Avoid distractions and stay focused. Imagine how meaningful your goal is going to be when you can safely say you’ve achieved it!

goal setting

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