10 Tips For getting Through Track Practice #trackpractice #tracknation #sirenasworld

1. Understand that no matter how much you complain about the work out your are going to do it.

Very rarely do coaches change the work out plan. If they do it’s probably because they have a better work out in a few days that you need fresh legs for. To be completely honest I would be weary of work out changes. You might have got out of one today but there are still more days to be done. Work will be done.

how do i get through track practice

2. You will die

Lol ok not literally but at some point in time in track practice you are going to die. Especially if its a hard day. You will go into Mr. Robot mode and cruise through your last intervals in pain. If your lucky, your Mr. Roboto mode will let you still hit times (if said interval is timed) instead of falling off dramatically..

An example of falling off dramatically in practice… 10 x 200


you get the point. (if you run a 41 in your 200 maybe you should rethink track and field…. just saying…)

3. You are going to wonder why you are even running in the first place

Don’t worry. I think every runner goes through this at one point in time. It’s ok. Dwell in it for about 10 seconds and then get over it. Your a runner. It’s what you do. Run.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of liquid, as in water, before training, during training and after training. We don’t need anybody passing out on account of dehydration

5. Eat a snack

On days the track turns white I normally will snack on dried cherries during my rest period. It is my cheat snack. After a few of those I’m ready to go. Now, snacking during practice is iffy. Not everyone can do that. Oh yeah don’t snack on chips, candy, soda ect., try fruit of some sort.

6.Use your rest period

My college coach had what was called a dollar bill jog. The jog was so slow that you would be able to pick up a dollar bill. I was KING of the dollar bill job. Dubbed by my coach herself. I am not exactly sure if that is something to be proud of. Others might resort to the image below… Try to refrain from laying down even though that’s what your brain is going to tell your body to do. And the quickest cure for booty lock is a 3om sprint.. no lie.. (30 meter not 30 minute in case someone might think that)

072713 Michigan All-Star Track & Field Club-43_display

7. Use Your teammates as Motivation

Feed off the energy of your teammates to get through the training session. Everyone has that one teammate who is always excited about practice or at least is the most excited compared to everyone else. Use their energy to get through the rest of the session or to start if need be. You’ll find your workout will go by a lot quicker and you’ll have more fun doing it. Really !!! not Really…

 8. Mentally prepare yourself for training

Go into training knowing you are about to #OWNIT. Make it your &*72!@ (insert whatever word you want there)… Don’t let it run you. No body runs you but you. Rememba dat.

9. Warm up

Warm up is preventative maintenance. As is get your muscles warm so you don’t pull anything in training. So many times I see my athletes try to start hurdle practice without one warm up lap. I mean come on you could at least do one. You don’t see Olympians/Professional Athletes put spikes on a break records without warming up !! As you get older you won’t be able to do anything without warming up first anyway. So start good habits early.

10. Do the Regimen

Execute your training regimen as if its for the Olympics. If you condition yourself enough to execute your training sessions like each is your last you’ll either be an expert in completing training sessions or a competitor. Hopefully you achieve both. Practice literally makes perfect. For some reason some individuals have a hard time believing that.

high jump11. Go to another events practice

Lol j/k.. 0_O I did that a few times in high school. Don’t let my coach know though..


Hopefully by applying at least all of the tips you will find your training session will be a lot “easier”. Practice is a mindset. Concur your mind and you’ll win your body… (I just made that up.. but it’s true..)


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