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Got Gigs ? @itsJamalMarshal

Now dancing does not come to everyone . Some of us are rhythmically (the spelling of that word makes no sense) challenge and have two left feet.

However with soooooo many different styles of dance you are guaranteed to be good at at least one. Whether it be twerking, tap dancing, two step(As seen in hitch), electric slide, cabbage patch, square dancing, clogging , country dancing or line dancing, you choose your move.

Make one up if you have to . That seems to be trending now !

Whoop em Gangman style 

Check out this guys gigs below. #freestyle

Follow him on Twitter @ItsJamalMarshal… Aspiring Back up dancer !

Are his gigs a little to difficult ? Check out the cabbage patch for starters. Below

Learn How to —>Twerk

Learn How to —>Tap dancing

Learn How to —> Two step

Learn How to —>Electric slide

Learn How to —>Cabbage patch

Learn How to —>Square dancing

Learn How to —> Clogging

Learn How to —> Country dancing

Learn How to —> Line dancing

If  You try any of these at home let me know how it goes !

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