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Meet the Goossens


Let me just start off by saying how rad this family is.. They all speak 4 languages… well at least I think they all do.. I never heard the little one speak spanish.. or french now that I think about .. but since she is living in that household I’m going to assume she speaks all 4 as well!! She’s super sweet and tall enough to be on Americas Next Top Model… She’s a bad mama jamma.. everyday all day she was in activities.. from morning til’ night! Reminded me of me when I was at that age.. come home .. do homework.. eat… sleep .. repeat…


The son loves classical music which I think is beautiful. Got to listen to him practice piano while I was there. He was practicing for his test that weekend. Hope it went well, I forgot ask.. I suppose I could do so now…. *goes to Facebook and asks*…You’ll never know the results unless I decide to magically update this post.. which I probably won’t so assume the most positive. His playing was beautiful so I’m sure he did fine. Not only does he play the piano but also the violin and is apart of #hurdlegang. Oh his sister is too..

The four languages by the way .. English, Flemmish (Dutch), Spanish, French…

The parents are like the kind you see in cartoons… busy bodies but family oriented.. The mom is a super mom.. her line of work keeps her up to date on healthy living.. (this is an extremely dumbed down version of her actual work)… She can whip up mean healthy meals for days and tackle a nasty business call in a few different languages all in the same sitting… so don’t put her in the box of housewife!! If she see’s this she might try to humble herself.. Don’t believe her… The dad is a jet setter… taking flight all over the world.. I’ve come to the conclusion he should wear a cape to add a little spice to his travels.. Just seems like it would suit his personality.. super chill.. I didn’t get a chance to try his crepes though.. so If I return I shall have to take him up on his offer.. that I kind of asked for… lol (inside joke)


Not only did I get to hang out and feel at home in an environment completely different from my own.. I also got a chance to explore a little bit of Belgium with super mom and Munich.. My Venezuelan friend who spoke no english but understood what I was saying in english. Talk about a language barrier!! For the most part I understood what she was saying in spanish?!?! and she understood what was said in english but neither of us could respond in each others native tongue.. haha but it worked for the most part!! There was a lot of “i don’t know what your saying” and “no se” hahahaha wuteves !!! we made it!!   IMG_6706

I would say the funnest thing about staying with a host family was getting to see how other cultures families function.. the same as mine just thousands of miles away! It was nice to be in a family environment that mimicked my family life growing up. Everyone has things to do but still makes time be a family at the end of the day.

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  1. That’s what is so cool about traveling, the people you meet! Glad to see they made your European circuit that much better!


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