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App Tips: The Starter

The Starter !

App Tips, The Starter

My first app ever !

It was a very exciting experience creating The Starter app.

The process alone was time consuming !

But all in all I had fun !

App Tips

Creating a Successful App

After creating this app I learned more about online marketing than I had imagined, I realized there are few things I could of done differently upon release of my app.

App Tips 1


People love features. Try to have a few specialized features for your app, that are exclusively for your app only. Keep it simple they do not need to be intricate. Remember we want the consumer to be able to understand what the apps purpose is and not confuse them.

App Tips 2

Market Before the Release

Marketing before the release will create a buzz about the app, get people excited for the app to come out. If you can, talk to app gurus who will write a concept review on your app before the release. Once the app is released have that same person write a review on the functionality of the app. Do YouTube reviews about the app as well. Get the word out there that your app is going to be released soon.

App Tips 3

Engage With your App Audience

Create different social pages for your app, Facebook page, Twitter, pintrest, blog ? maybe ? Engage with the followers that soon come to find out your app is being released. They will be your free marketing tool you use to get your app out there  !

Follow these simple app tips and you should be alright !

If you have more questions please feel free to leave a comment below !

The System I used to Learn How to Market My App Can be Found…

Here !

Once of The best systems that happened to me !

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