Get your body TIGHT !

Manly Girls !

Sirena Williams

Of course I’m Sure there’s some mathematical equation to determine the optimal size of the perfect athlete. But what mathematics does not calculate is will power, heart and the mind.sirenawilliams

Don’t ever let your size determine your outcome !

Remember big things come in small packages.

I use to hate lifting in college. I didn’t want to look buff like a man…. or super boxy.. I am already tiny and I felt muscles would just over power me , make me less attractive.

I once told a friend I wanted to be squishy like her (probably was not the nicest thing to say now that I think about.. but she laughed..).

Welp I am over that phase of life now ! lol

Thank goodness.

I don’t know if every girl athlete goes through that or just a few. But I will admit it .. I did.. I don’t know if that makes me shallow or insecure. Either way I concurred that fear of looking buff.

I realized that my body frame can’t handle muscle weight like most girls put on.

Standing on the line I was always the smallest. I never really let size scare me but some of those girls are huge lol… Compared to me that is… No offense…

I think it’s important to be comfortable in your body or own skin as they say. Understand what you are capable of doing and where you are at in your life and training. Not everyone does the same workouts, that’s a given, so don’t compare your outcome/results to someone else. Your body may react differently from a specific workout than another. Why? Because you are not them, you are you. So stray away from comparing results ! Also, You may be on week 1 while they are on week 52. ( I realize this may be confusing but I can’t find the right words to express this at the moment… darn free writing… I may fix this later.. or not.. probably not.. )

Everybody is a critic and will always have an opinion on what you look like, should do ect. ect… an opinion they are entitled to.

I think how you handle your critics is a reflection of character. Speak to them how your wish them to speak to you.

One of my managers told me that you teach people how to talk to you, not the other way around. Of my time working there this is the most important lesson I took away.

So to the girls who are scared to look manly remember fit is in. Muscles are sexy.


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