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Same Naaammmeee @serenawilliams vs @sirena_williams

Not a day goes by where someone asks me if I am named after Serena Williams the famous tennis player.

This one is for you !

People With Celebrity Names

Do you have a celebrity name ? How do you feel about it ? Gotten anything free (I haven’t) ?

Sidenote: I realize the text on my board is backwards…. go figure .. to be honest it’s not all that important and you can read it ūüôā

Serena Williams vs Sirena Williams

Serena Williams, If you read this we should swap sports for a week and see how it goes !

I think that would be fun !

Have your people contact my people and we can make something happ’n cap’n !

(my people being me….lol )

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  1. Chanel Gathings

    You are so awesome and hilarious! And there is no one greater in this world than my Cousin SIRENA WILLIAMS! – Soon you will be the celebrity! Love your blog!


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