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Sirena Williams Yoga Handstand

Sssoooo I’ve been on my super bum status for the past two weeks as far as doing everything possible to not engage in extraneous activities, running, jumping, anything that involves heavy breathing ect ect.  and today I got the workout itch. Sirena Williams Yoga Handstand

So what did I do ? I went to yoga ! And not just any yoga class, a weighted yoga class. Sort of like, hey body wake up its about that time again !

Little did I know this sculpt class was going to kick my butt ! When you look at athletes you think man they are in the best shape ever ! Yes this may be true, but we are in the best shape for our sport !

That yoga class kicked my butt. On top of the fact that it was weighted, it was also heated. So on top of me thinking to myself ” I’ll be happy when we move on to the next position and put these weights down” there was also the thought.. ” oh my gosh there is so much sweat dripping off my body, this is the nastiest thing ever ! ” Yes Yes I know we are suppose to be focusing on our “intention” .. why we are in the class to begin with but lets be real. Trying to quiet the mind while you are dripping an insane amount of sweat and lifting weights in an uncomfortable yoga position can be a little difficult. Oh and the… ok 2 more left.. always feels like 10 .. thank you instructor !

sidenote: I wonder if the instructors do their own work outs ? They want us to do it, but can they ? hahah next time I get tired at track practice I’m going to tell my coach to do it ! I’ll probably get in trouble but it’ll be fun !

Shout out to the guy who decided to every move in slow motion and the guy who clearly was doing everything wrong and aware of it. Final shout out to the instructor for playing the Top 40 hit list, lol, Ashanti, Rihanna, Ja Rule, Chris Brown were a few of the artist played during the yoga session. hahaha never would of thought I would be listening to hip hop in a yoga class.

So to all you Yogi’s out there who can quiet the mind and sit in uncomfortable position for hours on end I commend you. I will reach your status one day on my yoga journey. I will quite my mind through inception techniques I will evoke upon myself and be in total mind and body control.

Extra !

beef saladMinimalist Beef Salad


  • Red Leaf Lettuce or any lettuce of your choosing
  • Feta Cheese
  • Beef slices
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Olive Oil


  • Olive Oil
  • Balsamic Vinegar


  • salt
  • pepper

I cooked the beef slices in olive with salt and pepper for about 3 min on each side or until brown. You can always cook to your liking.

Tossed the salad with 3 parts balsamic vinegar 1 part olive oil and seasoned salad with pepper. You can play with the dressing ratio.

Put the meat, cheese and salad together and had a meal !

Enjoy !

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