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Who Said Running was Fun ? #runnerproblems #trackandfield #sports

sirena williams

So this week I got the itch to start running. Why ? Idk. Maybe because throughout the course of my entire life I have always been active in some form or another. sirena Williams

My first day back from my hiatus I decide to “run” for as long as possible. The “run” was more like run as slow fast as possible to were I am not using much energy and still getting a good work out in. If that is even possible. I am almost sure the method I took is more energy and hurts more.. but whatever… I am going to continue to trick myself into thinking this actually works.. for now..

About 8 minutes into the run I began to feel little aches and pains in my ankles .. feet.. the burn in my quads.. heavy breathing.. loud dancing .. coughing and when you hear this sound.. hooty whoooo.. run for cover …. sorry about that Missy Elliot came out.. but yeah pain set in. ( Some of you may not get the Missy reference here’s the link to the song.. song starts at 1:10)

As a short hurdler the farthest distance I run during training is 200m (mainly when Im in the gut of my season).. any thing over that is considered long distance.. 250m long distance..300m long distance.. 400m long distance… 800m long distance.. yes I am aware none of these are long distance races. But think of it from my bodies perspective. Its use to running 12 – 30 secs dependent on the work out.. in intervals.. not consistent… I am impressed that I lasted 8 minutes before the pain set in .. and of course 8 min is guess … I have no idea how long I was running before the pain set in but I do know I ran .8 miles before the pain set in  soooooo yea.

The day after the first run I suffered from Narcolepsy … slept in til 1 woke up ate .. went back to sleep .. woke up ate.. stayed up all night.. fell asleep … woke up the next day feeling like a power ranger when they power up ! I ran this day too. This run was much smoother and I ran it with ease.. No pain til the last leg back home. There’s nothing more visually stimulating on the last leg than the home street of your place of residence. It like this extra hidden strength kicks in the moment you see your home street and then slowly dies when you realize how far you actually have left to run… or am I the one who experiences this ? During the last leg of my run thoughts like slow down.. walk home as a cool down.. your almost there .. keep pushng.. run through my mind. Normally by the time I’ve have picked the scenario I wish to carry out.. whether it be the reasoning.. “I should use this last 200 m as a cool down and walk the rest of the way” or ” I got this Im going to speed up” I have arrived at my house.. Funny how that works…

So from a sprinters perspective.. my perspective that is… Running is only fun when all the happy endorphins are running through your veins.. after that Nah ! Not fun !


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