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I Stuffed it ! #chicken #foodporn #goodeats

chicken playing pool

So as you may or may no know I recently started this “diet” which is pretty much just me eating more fruits and veggies.. oh and no 2(1)

I recently bought a juicer and made juice….

The end..

Just kidding… but seriously though .. I bought this juice and was like “cool I have a juicer”.. went to this most amazing grocery store where all the fruit is less than a dollar per pound, pretty much, and filled the fridge with fruits and veggies.

The first drink I made was some concoction I threw together but followed the recipe in the book that the juicer came with some what but not really because i didn’t have the ingredients so that’s why I called it a concoction.. merh.

In this concoction was :

  • Kale
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Spinach

We shall name it the Green Delight.. That’s what color it was however delightful it was not… Green Delight has a ring to it though…

For those of you who have a juicer you know there’s the pulp that’s left over. For some reason I figured everything just turns magically turned into juice when you put it in the juicer.. This is not the case… so I had a bunch of pulp left over. They don’t tell you what to do with it and I don’t like to be wasteful so I seasoned it with a little salt and pepper and stuffed it in the chicken !

Yea that’s right. I put all that pulp in the chicken and cooked it !chicken playing pool

To my surprise the chicken actually turned out amazingly good. It was super juicy and had an earthy taste to it. I would image it was like the chicken that cave man ate… if they ate chicken…. Have we confirmed they ate chicken ? This by far was the healthiest tasting chicken I have ever had, not like the typical seasoned chicken but a healthy chicken.

If I had to guess that chickens diet I would say that it had noting but greens… lol Cause it did !

All in all I now know what I shall do with the left over pulp.. Oh yea the actual pulp itself tasted gross… but I ate it anyway and threw the rest in this garden outside…


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  1. Janae

    Gonna try this! I always end up reusing the pulp in my nutribullet after using my juicer. But I’m going to try this. Sounds pretty darn good.

    • That’s smart too ! Put the pulp in a smoothie .. lol I have no idea why I didn’t connect the dots. I was thinking hhmmm in a smoothie there’s pulp but in a juicer there is none… weird.. *stuffed it in the chicken and did not return to that thought lol hahahaha #slowmoment Let me know how yours turns out !


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