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First European

I  have always loved Science and Math. Never really cared to much for English or History. Most people in America don’t know how to speak English properly … or write it.. (lol I think both apply to me) … History is relative to the person writing it or who it is being written about. So of course whenever I come across a science or evolution article that interests me I read it, or watch it if its a video.

One of the first videos I came across , in regards to maps, was this one… Check it out below.

West Wing – Why are we changing maps?

After watching this video I did some more research and read some more articles. And then I came across this one..few weeks later…

42 Amazing Maps

This guy is great ! He has tons of cool videos.

I thought it was interesting to learn that pretty much everything I ever learned about maps was wrong. The science behind map creation and how we skew history is crazy ! I understand the reasoning behind it but sheesh. As you get older and continue learning (if you decide to), you pretty much learn that everything you learned in elementary school, middle school, and high school is a lie…maybe some stuff in college too. The only thing that isn’t is English and even that’s skewed ! Could you imagine if one day everyone reverted back to speaking old English ? and writing like Shakespeare ? It would be pretty funny. Half the time I have to reread his writing over and over to make sure I understood what he was saying.. Do they teach a modern-day English class ? Something to think about. That class would be funny too.

The inspiration for this post came across this article I read this morning .

Scientists Reveal the First European Faces Were Not ‘White’

Much to the dismay of any would-be “White Supremacists,” scientists have recently revealed that the face of the first Europeans were surprisingly Sub-Saharan African in appearance.

The head of the prototypical “First European” was recreated from bone fragments, an incomplete skull and jawbone. These pieces were discovered in a cave in the south west region of Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.

Forensic artist Richard Neave is responsible for the reconstruction, based on fragments that are at least 35,000 years old. Radiocarbon dating analysis have determined that the oldest fragments may have been as old as 36,000 years old. Neave is a forensic artist, for a BBC program about the origins of the human race and evolution….

Continue Reading….

Of course I read the article first then went on YouTube and did some video watching. If you don’t want to read the article (I suggest you do) you can watch the video below. Both are very informational.

 The First Europeans

My favorite class in college was Bio-geography. Mainly because it was solely the only class that held my attention, outside of all my other major courses that dealt with what I was actually majoring in. I liked this class because it discussed the topics expressed in this post to a degree (also because he graded us on what we actually knew versus stupid multiple choice test .. ugh I can’t stand multiple choice !). He mainly went over climate and its relation to the world and the simple fact that as of now there is another ice age projected to come in the next 100 years, if I remember correctly (I am not an expert in this field only regurgitating what I learned).  Anyways… Things like this fascinate me and I thought I would share a little bit of my world outside of what you see on Facebook, twitter , Instagram and any other social network.

So enjoy This informational post of the morning ! Feed your Mind !

SideNote: Please be aware that the first Europeans were identified as Sub-Saharan African. The title is just that… a title…also read the comments on the article.. you can learn a lot there too !

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  1. David

    Okay so if Native Americans were the first in America, and “Black Europeans” first existed in Europe, then what land are Caucasians native to? It seems like there’s nowhere left in the world. Maybe it’s Antarctica, which would explain their pale skin color! lol 😀


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