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NOLA Day 1 #NOLA #bourbon #newyears

So after the inflight experience of feeling like my nose was going to blow up, going out for night, returning and falling asleep, I woke up to Day 1 in NOLA. photo 3-1

Upon waking up I was ready to go. I woke up at like 8 and my travel partner was still knocked from the night before.. So I laid there patiently waiting for her to wake up. By the time she woke up I felt horrible. I didn’t think I was going to make it through the day. I went from feeling amazing to feeling like total crap. Hot flashes and nauseous . UGH just horrible. To my luck she didn’t feel that great either waking up lol so we both went back to sleep. Or I just fell asleep talking and she watched T.V. Don’t really know.

So the second time I woke up I felt great ! We got dressed and hit the town.

New orleansI don’t know if you can see the train but there’s a train in this picture. The whole point of the pic was to get our faces and the train in the picture. This was the best shot out of about 30 pictures taken (that’s possibly an exaggeration 0_O). I think you can say we are going to stick to our day jobs. Photography is not for us.

The first stop was Cafe Du Monde (say this with a french accent, Cafe Dooo Mon lol) Of course there were pics taken along the way ! House of Blues

It took me about 3 minutes to figure out how to get in this pose. I would like to attribute the amount of time taken to get in this pose to me being sick and not fully functioning properly as a human being. 🙂


At first there was one…

….and then there was two.

photo 2-1

So we asked a total stranger, like most people do, to take this picture of us. After trying to figure out a cool pose we came up with this. This is of course after the stranger laughed at us and shot a great photo shoot of all the awkward poses we came up with.

Oh This was in front of The House of Blues

and there was also the Cathedral…

and NO… I did not remove the sky from the photo.. it was overcast and cold and “slightly rainy”

but thats a whole “notha” story…

photo 1-2

 We walked in and out of all the stores from clothing to gift shops.. listened to the music on the street and walked with the crowd. After about a 10minute walk we made it to Cafe Du Monde.

When we got there there was a huge line. * insert sad shocked face emoji

photo 3-3We walked around the restaurant trying to figure out the “wait time” but there were no helpers, or hostess, there to assist . It was a seat your self type of ordeal.

So we got in line and waited.

And then we were seated. Ordered our food and magic happen a few moments later.

You see these things called beignets (pronounced ben yays) that I brushed of as funnel cake were amazing ! and the coffee I had (Cafe Au lait, pronounced Cafe oo0 lay) was also great ! And I don’t even drink coffee. But I did that day.


More exploring took place and finally it was time to head back to get ready for the  night. New Years that is. We purchased masks.. lol because we were like ” yea let’s wear masks tonight in the spirit of New Orleans”.. low and behold.. we were the only people in the party with them lol

So we checked our masks at coat check lolphoto 2-3

Partied Hard and did more partying on bourbon.

I had the most amazing pizza ever !

And danced for like hours straight at some random bar with like 10 people in it at 5 in the morning.

Finally it was time to go home (as if 5am wasn’t obvious enough that maybe we should be at home).

We walked home and these two dudes made an awkward joke.. They said it was the new Joke of 2014.. lol

Neways … made it home and knocked out !


#SideNote:  At one point in time we had hats.. I have no idea where they came from.. and when we left we had no hats ?????

photo 4-4

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  1. Courtney

    Very nice post! I wish I could go back to NOLA. Side note: don’t let anyone from New Orleans here you call the trolley a train, it’s a streetcar, lol.

    • Sirenas World

      Thank you ! and Yes they were calling it a streetcar ! My cousin kept saying that but while I was writing this I couldn’t remember for anything lol So thank you ! I may edit that 🙂

  2. you guys look xo xo cute, lovely….gotta a thing for you.


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