8 Things You Should Always Have in Your Track BackPack #tracklife

So what exactly goes in that bag I’m suppose to take to track practice ?

1. Spikes : there should never be a day where your spikes are not present in your backpack. Even if you’re not spiking up you should always have them with you. They are your life line to the track. Without them you are incomplete.

track spikes, track and field spikes

2. Spike Key: For the most part I think most trackies run on dull spike for a good part of the year.. all year if your lucky.. but for those of us who don’t mind running on dull spikes, are too lazy to buy new spikes, or are forgetful when its time to change them out, it’s time to turn the page and keep those spikes regularly switched out… **Goes to store to buy new spikes**

3. Spikes: The actual spike that goes in your shoe. Not the ones old ones sitting at the bottom of your track bag either. Have your coach bulk buy new spikes for you.. or you can get them at the store for like $10 bucks.. which is pretty expensive for some spikes… but your decision!!!

4. Snacks ! Yes . I mean let’s be honest.. most of our high school diet consists of a consumption of a large portions of snacks.. skittles and chips I would say are the top two on most high schoolers list. As you get older and in college you upgrade to things like pb & j’s. Get in the habit of putting snacks in your backpack. I urge you to keep them healthy but if you need to kick-start getting use to putting snacks in your back you can start with veggie sticks. They are actually pretty addicting. I try to refrain from buying them because they usually end up all gone in a days time.


5. Water/Gatorade/Pedialyte: Some type of rehydration method for when you die after your work out…

6. Sweats: you should have these on at all times, but in the rare instance you don’t have them on (whether its 110 degrees or -12 degrees) you should always have a pair of sweats with you. Most injuries can be avoid with a proper warm and one thing that is essential to warming up your muscles is your sweats. They help get your muscles nice and ready for that fun workout your coach has planned for you.Rocky_Runs_Up_The_Stairs_ORIGINAL (1)

7. Tape: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault , 4 x 1 , Jav, ect. you all need tape to mark your spots. So put it in your bag! The Tape that is.

8. Lacrosse ball/Foam roller: You’ve gotta get those nasty knots out don’t you? Yea it’s painful but you feel great once they are all worked out!



Can you think of anything else you need? Drop a comment below !! SLgKA4


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