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Same Naaammmeee @serenawilliams vs @sirena_williams


Not a day goes by where someone asks me if I am named after Serena Williams the famous tennis player.

This one is for you !

People With Celebrity Names

Do you have a celebrity name ? How do you feel about it ? Gotten anything free (I haven’t) ?

Sidenote: I realize the text on my board is backwards…. go figure .. to be honest it’s not all that important and you can read it :)

Serena Williams vs Sirena Williams

Serena Williams, If you read this we should swap sports for a week and see how it goes !

I think that would be fun !

Have your people contact my people and we can make something happ’n cap’n !

(my people being me….lol )

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  1. Chanel Gathings

    You are so awesome and hilarious! And there is no one greater in this world than my Cousin SIRENA WILLIAMS! – Soon you will be the celebrity! Love your blog!


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