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How to develop a career of becoming a professional runner

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sirena alise 2Be realistic about your level to compete at the elite level and the goals you can achieve.

Everyone is always aiming to make the USA Olympic team, but what happens if you don’t. If you don’t make the team you want to make sure that outside of your athletic ability you still have value in your brand image to attract and keep sponsorships. You also want to position yourself in a way that if this doesn’t work out you’ll still land on your feet. It is ok to have one plan A but also be thinking of what your plan is after your A plan has run it’s course. Figure out your why.

Invest in yourself.

If you believe whole heartedly in your ability to be great then the investment to build your brand will return 10 fold. The best thing I learned in regards to entrepreneurship is that the easiest thing you can do is pay someone else to do something for you. Regardless if you have the skill set to learn their job. You’ll spend more of your time, energy and money learning how to do something you could have just paid a professional in that field to do.  Let them get you to your goal faster.

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Position yourself properly via social media and website.

What does your online presence say about you? From the number of brands I’ve worked with, and the one’s I’ve spoken with one, the of the common denominators is athletes inability to market themselves correctly. It is more than just posting  a photo with the proper hashtags. It’s the ability to have a concise personable message that can transcend across all platforms and audiences. There is also a lack of understanding from the athlete/agent perspective as well. If a brand is willing to send you product they obviously see value in your brand. #nofreetweets. If what that brand is offering doesn’t align with what your perceived value is, you negotiate. If after negotiating you still don’t come to terms, move on. There are plenty of brands to work with that are willing to invest in you the athlete and you the brand. You just have to find them or they have to find you.

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