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Question of the Day ! Zombie ?

If a Zombie apocalypse was to occur would you rather be weaponless in a place you know or fully loaded with guns in a place your are unfamiliar with ?

Recently I asked this question on a social networking site I am actively involved in. I was curious to see how individuals felt about what people would do in case of a Zombie apocalypse.

Out of a small pool size I found that 54% preferred being in an unknown territory fully loaded and 46% preferred being weaponless in a place they knew. The most popular reason for being in a territory unknown was that people just liked the idea of having weapons and the sense of being protected by them.


My thoughts personally, on the one hand, in a territory unknown, you will always be vigilant and aware because you are constantly running around trying to find a hiding spot where you can stake out and just shoot zombies from locations you can’t be seen from. However, your “hiding” spot may be know to a few Zombies so you always have to watch your back. Also what happens when you run out of amo ? The Zombies don’t care !  On the other hand , in a weaponless place you are familiar with, you know your area well . With knowing your area well you know allllll the good hiding spots and can set up traps for the Zombies to fall into. However, you can become comfortable in the place you know. Its kind of like hide and seek, when you’ve been hiding for a long time and you think no one is going to find you and then they do and scare the mess out of you lol ! Or you just forget your playing hide and seek and then they scare the mess out of you ! Either situation you are unaware and scared by the person or zombie who finds you.

If I had to pick….. I would pick being weaponless in a familiar place. I will set up the most elaborate traps like Will Smith did in I Am Legend. He was in area he knew (yes he had weapons we will ignore that part) and survived for quite some time. Being in the area he knew well created a sense of home after his day of killing zombies. Me personally after I trap up a few I would like to return to my humble abode and “relax” a little. You know…. sip some tea…do the thins I like to do.. think about how I am going to trap more Zombies the next day.. The uusshhee..(Usual)…

What would you pick ? Why ?

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