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Question of The Day ! #wetnoodles

is a noodle wet ?

” Is a Noodle Wet ? “

So a few weeks back I was having a conversation with my sister and my mom and one of the questions asked was “Is a Noodle Wet ? “Wet noodle comedy

I said no, my sister and mom said yes.

So to get the opinion of others I took to my social network hub and asked … (if you are wondering why I am just now posting on this its because it is still a topic of discussion in my family group chat lol)

The results :

…..38% said yes and 62% said no….


Quincy A.: No there’s dry noodles over there but if you ask me is a wet noodle wet then yes the noodle is wet.

K. W. : If you wet it

Beanie Boop: Life’s unanswered questions

Tony C.: Should be no water on plate but noodle itself should be moist

Junior T.: Moist

Brandon W.: Sometimes

Matthew C.: Too cook it yess

Wendy K: Yes

K.M.: No


A wet noodle is a strip or string of pasta that has become soft and flaccid after being soaked in water. The term is used in a number of non-literal ways, generally based on the visual image of spaghetti noodles that are long and straight when dry, including:

Referring facetiously to a whipping mechanism that is impractical and has no injurious or painful effects, to someone who is not any fun,[1][2] to refer to something totally yielding and with no stiffness, or used metaphorically to demonstrate the difficulty of pushing something that can only be moved by pulling.

  • A wet noodle, in modern English terminology, describes a person that brings down the overall mood of a situation. This person is said to sometimes be depressing and a general nuisance when others in the group are attempting to enjoy themselves. It can also describe a physically and/or mentally weak person.

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Why is water wet?

  • Water isn’t wet. Wetness is a description of our experience of water; what happens to us when we come into contact with water in such a way that it impinges on our state of being. We, or our possessions, ‘get wet’. A less impinging sense experience of water is that it is cold or warm, while visual experience tells us that it is green or blue or muddy or fast-flowing. We learn by experience that a sensation of wetness is associated with water: ‘there must be a leak/I must have sat in something.’
    Jacqueline Castles, London W2.
  • Any fluid could be said to be wet if wetness is a result of the sensation caused by the movement of a fluid over the skin. Have you ever noticed that you can’t feel wetness if you hold your hand perfectly stillwhile it is submerged, or that a drop of water on the skin doesn’t feel wet?
    Chris and Shevvy Ould, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
  • None of the answers given to this question so far quite gets to the chemical explanation for water’s ‘wetness.’ Wetness is here synonymous with ‘clingingness’ – water wets because it clings. Water, of course, is molecularly H 2 O and this compound of hydrogen and oxygen is electrically neutral. However, there are also in water many free charged hydroxyls (-OH-, negatively charged) and hydrogen ions (H+ positively charged). These charged particles retain the ability to attract other charged particles (with the opposite charge) just as magnets do. In this way they stick or cling, involving other neutral H 2 O molecules at the same time. If water was made up entirely of neutral particles it would not cling, or wet, because the component elements would ‘prefer’ to stick to each other rather than to make bonds with other substances.
    Ian Flintoff, London SW6.

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What do you think ? Is a Noodle Wet ?

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  1. Tamarra

    Lmao!! Only you would ask this question. But I would have to say yes and no!! It depends on the phase of the noodle. When it’s first being created, yes, because the dough is wet in order for it to be pliable and shapes into it’s form. When it’s in it’s form and baked or whatever they do to make it hard it’s not wet. Hince why it’s called dry noodles/pasta. When it’s submerged in water and cooked I would say yes but based on what I read above I’m going to say no bc what the person said made sense to me. But when u take the pasta out of the pot of water and drain it then yes the noodles are wet. And stay that way when it’s on ur plate and u eat it especially when it’s burried in a delicious pasta sauce!!


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