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Question of The Day ! Would you Want it on Your Skin ?

baby absorbs food through skin

So tomorrow is going to be Thanksgiving. Tons of people are going to be over eating and shoving their faces with food prepared with time and love. Some of are going to eat to the point were we get stick of putting our food in our mouths… So to that I ask…absorb food through the skin


” What if you Could Absorb Food Through your skin ? “


35% of my social network said that would be amazing.. the other 65% opted out of absorbing food through their skin

Thoughts below:

Rethin J: That would be f*** gay that means I wont be able to taste the awesome foods moron

Me: Why would you assume you wouldn’t be able to taste the food ?

Rethin: Well I will pass on tasting food thro my skin; like idk if you realize this but that means u can have food up thro ur ass cheekcs ur dick skin ect…yea I will pass on one of the gayest and stupidest ideas i have ever heard in my life

Me: Lmao ! I think the question was taken a little to far ! Im sure you would be able to control where the food was absorb but thanks for your honest opinion ! Your the only one who has thought about having food absorbed up their butt hahaha good one

Rethin: WEll… f** I thought that was an obvious one lol; and do yourself and everyone a fair plz don’t come up with any more crazy ideas of urs lol

Me: Lmao. I appreciate your suggestion. It will be noted. But as far as everyone else your the only one to take it to the level you did so maybe you should just speak for yourself ūüôā I guess that makes you unique ! Good stuff ..keep it up

Rethin: or maybe everyone else should just start thinking outside the box lol

He continued to rant but that was the juicy part.. This was the funniest response out of them all.. That is verbatim.. exactly how he said it too lol

More Responses:

C.L.: that would be depressing

Shabbir T.: Then we might become aliens

David P.: Not good necessary

Riwan A.: HHmmmmm

Williams R.: Good ?

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  1. Copper

    It’s a thought provoking question to the one that carried on the rant. Geeez!! Lighten up and get over it.


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