Get your body TIGHT !

Good Morning !

Good Morning Readers !
Have you kick started your morning routine yet ?
No ? Its Okay.. I will give you another hour to do so !

For some reason I can not stay sleep past 830 ! No matter how hard I try or how long I decide to lay in bed ! Sometimes I wish I could ! However I am thankful that my body wakes me up to get a full day of activities in !

My morning routine when I wake up is to drink a tall glass of cold water with lemon! I am not sure why but my brain awakens after that first glass of water ! Rule of thumb is warm beverages are better for your digestive system, but I like to ignore this rule in morning time. After that tall glass I do my few morning exercises, stretching, jumping jacks sit ups ect (It changes daily but those are what I did today . 10minutes of stretching, 1 minute of jumping jacks and 300 sit ups). After exercise I clean whatever it is I need to clean and then I read.

I am sure you are wondering when I am going to eat ? I eat after all of this is done. For some reason I am more productive on an empty stomach in the morning. Any other time in the day not so much !Do you feel this way too ?

With that said, I am going to start my day and see what things I can delve into this lovely sunny Monday morning !

Good Day !

Whats your morning routine?

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