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“so tonight we’re gonna party like its 19 99 ..bum bumnum buuumm buumm” Prince 1999

Who remembers this song ? I know I do ! I use to sing it all the time as a kid (still do..not sure if that means Im still a kid)

Do you remember where you were bringing in the new year ?

I do ! I was going bringing in the new year with my family ! Drinking all the apple cider (was not old enough to consume alcohol) !

So the “new” the world is coming to an end date is today.. 12/21/12.. and for some reason today just seems like another day..

Oh no the world is coming to an end…. let me prepare (lol lets be honest, how would you even prepare for that , if the world is ending the world is ending.. there’s “nothing” you can do about it)….

The world has come to an end so many times I feel as though even if something catastrophic was to happen we have been so desensitized to the end of doom that we would just accept it rather that panic. Those are my thoughts and feelings.. at least.

The World Coming to and end is getting to be like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. After so many times it becomes unbelievable.

Now. I will say this. I do believe that some form of an “ICE AGE” is going to occur if we continue to use the earths resources as we are today. Why do I believe this ? I took a Bio-geography course in college(I am sure your like “who takes those classes ? What a nerd? What is Bio-geography ? she made that up.. blah blah blah..”, and if that is not you thanks, I take those classes and yes I am a nerd ! Thanks .. If you haven’t figured out INTELLIGENCE is BEAUTY then don’t bark up this tree ! ) and there is where I learned the “predicted” date of the next ice age. That is all I will say about that topic, other than that class was by far my most favorite in college ! The professor was absolutely amazing and had a wonderful teaching and grading style that I believe ever professor should adopt. The End.

Now with all of that being said. What do you think ? Do you think the world ended and we are living in our own worlds like in 6th sense ?  or is a Vanilla Sky type of Ordeal ?

What does it alll mmeeeaaannnn ?

side-note: I am not calling anybody a liar with the boy who cried wolf reference. Just used this story to get my point across

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