Get your body TIGHT !

OOhhh GUURRLl This New Year…

The New Year is just around the corner . The most common New Years Resolutions are to lose weight and start a diet plan. For those of you who look to write these down as the #1 things you want to achieve in 2013 lets try something different ! Write down the things you want to GAIN in 2013 . Fun things too !

Don’t talk about it either, Be About it ! * TuPac Voice

At the beginning of the year we always hear people talking about all the things they want to achieve that year. Oh guurrrl this year Im gonna lose 17lbs or there is this new diet plan I am going to start on the first, I can not wait !  Does anyone actually follow through ? Do you even remember by March what your resolutions were ? I know I don’t (I just remembered what mine was, after I typed this whole blog post, lets just say I only had one and didn’t do it lol)! What are you doing to get there ?

This year (as in 2012) regardless of what my New Years Resolution was I know I achieved tons of things I had no idea I would ! I understand that is not the case for everyone. So with that, I challenge you to find an accountability partner for 2013. Someone who is going to hold you accountable for all your actions in 2013. Do not pick an enabler either (a friend that lets you do what you want), pick a friend or better yet an enemy (you know they are going to call you out ) that is going to push you towards your goals and ensure your success.

Draw up an agreement :

I _(Your Name)_  declare that I will be ( Your Accountability Partner)  for the year of 2013. 

As an Accountability partner I will

  1. Write down something you will help your friend do
  2. How will you help them achieve
  3. Ask where they are at in goals set for 2013
  4. soo ooonn 
  5. sooo no
  6. sooo forth

Sign Here X____________ Date ______________

A little something something I put together real quick, hopefully you get the point(for some reason it doesn’t look right to me) . The agreement does not have to be anything crazy.

With that, I challenge you to find an accountability partner for the year 2013 ! You can have more than one if you like!

What is the craziest new years resolution you had or heard ? 

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