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Question of The Day…Sponge bob Sponge

“Who would win in a fight.. Sponge Bob.. Squidward…or….Patrick?”

Recently I asked this question on a social networking site I am actively involved in. I was curious to see who thought would win in a fight between the three.

Out of a small pool size I found that 30% believed Sponge Bob would win, 31% believed Squidward would win and 38% believed Patrick would win. So with the narrow win of 38% of the popular vote Patrick wins ! My favorite reason was ” Patrick he’s the biggest, just listen to his voice “. I thought that was hilarious !


Let’s look at the strengths of the individuals.

  • Sponge BobHe is a sponge which means he is absorbent. He also knows KA-RA-TAE.IMG_3939
  • SquidwardHe has 8 legs in which he can apply a death grip and win by submission.
  • PatrickHe is not the smartest in the bunch.. That reason alone he probably would be able to win by default with some random way of fighting unheard of….Buuuttt he too can apply suction grip and win by submission.


Me personally I pick Sponge bob. Why ? Well from most movies we watch about fighting, like Real Steel, the biggest guy always tires out at some point in time. So, being that Sponge Bob is a sponge I believe he will be able to take a lot of hits. Over time Patrick or Squidward (which ever one is in the ring) will tire out and become weak. This is when Sponge Bob will make his move . KAARRRAATTEEEE * Sponge Bob voice.

What do you think ? In an epic battle between the three who would come out winning ? 

Side Note If you are wondering why I did not pick Sandy it is because there is a whole episode dedicated to Sponge Bob and Sandy doing KA-RA-TAE.

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