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Highway Etiquette

Highway Etiquette

Ugh! Doesn’t it anger you whenever there is a slow car driving in the fast lane? or is that just me ?
To some extent there is Highway Etiquette. Everyone knows there’s a fast last, “the middle lane “, and the slow lane. There are these three lanes for a reason.
Sometimes I find myself in the slow lane driving fast. Why? Because there is no one in that lane. I mean really who would want to be in the slow lane of life!
Sometimes people hop in the fast lane thinking everyone else will conform to what it is they are doing. However if you’re driven, this is not going to work! This “roadblock” of a person blocking the fast lane is just going to get passed and left behind.

There are two ways we can look at these slow lane people:

1.If you are a slow lane person stay in the slow lane until you are ready to graduate into the fast lane. There is a process to success! You cannot just skip step 1 -3 and start at step 10. It is not going to work that way. Learn the fundamentals you need and then climb the ladder. Imagine a pyramid. If you start at the top you have no base. You will easily topple over at the sign of weakness, but if you start at the bottom and work you way up. Once you have reach the top you are sturdy and well versed in hard work. It will be much harder to knock you over

2. This slow lane person is a “roadblock”. Something that is trying to block you from the greatness you are about to achieve. Reroute your path to success and continue on. You may get stuck at this roadblock for a period of time, but once you have figured out the necessary steps to get around it do so. And DO IT THEN!

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When it comes to driving I am a go with the flow of traffic kind of gal. If traffic in the fast lane is moving at 75mph, then I am moving at 75mph. If it is 5 o ‘clock and the traffic is moving at 5 mph then I am moving at 5 mph. There is a time a place for speed limits, know them well.

If the initial flow of traffic is 75mph in the fast lane and you are driving 60mph DO NOT hop in the fast lane. How are you suppose to know the flow of traffic is moving that fast? Well if you look in your rear view mirror and objects appear to be moving at a speed greater than the one you are traveling get out of that lane. Kind of like when you see cop lights behind you and move out of the path of the cop (I can’t stand when people slow down when cop lights come on lol if you are not doing anything wrong why are you slowing down? and if you are, slowly move to slow lane and get off the freeway or out sight of the cop, you didn’t hear that from me lol).

When it comes to business and success I am a slow lane kind of gal. I like to learn everything it is I need to know about what ever it is I’m pursuing and build up! I do not want to be the slow lane gal in the fast lane market. Why? I will have to B. S. almost every answer given when questioned (sometimes that works). Or I will be blocking others from success and I do not want to be the leach in the fast lane without any knowledge to bring to the table.

The fastest way to get in the fast lane is to TAKE ACTION. I say I am a slow lane gal but with everything I learn, the minute I learn it I apply it. Guaranteeing that I’m going to graduate into that fast lane quickly (I don’t talk about the middle land because I identify that lane as people who are complacent their life. If you are this person that is perfectly fine there is nothing wrong with that, the middle lane just isn’t for me 80% of the time). TAKE ACTION! Doesn’t matter what it is you are doing! Taking action is the biggest part of getting things done and achieving your goal. We can always talk about what we want to do, but it is more beneficial if we are taking action to achieve what we want to do. Are you #aboutthatlife? The taking action life that is.

With that next time you are in the fast lane and you see a car rapidly approaching just get out of the way. It is better for you and better them. They are on a path and they know where they are going and they need to get there quick. No sense in being a “roadblock “. Nobody likes them.

If you are in the slow lane of success trying to get to the fast lane, TAKE ACTION. Do it then and Do it now! Watch what it is the fast lane is doing and immolate what they are doing, there’s a reason why they are going that fast. That is where you want to be.

SideNote: This post started out as me ranting on about traffic and then transitioned into a post about success if you didn’t notice ! I believe the transition sentence from me ranting to how to become successful is .. Sometimes people hop in the fast lane thinking everyone else will conform to what it is they are doing…. Hey hopefully I motivate a few of you ! Hope you enjoyed reading !

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