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Question of The day ! #sexualpreference

Does your sexual preference have anything to do with how you perform in sports ?

It seems more and more people of the lime light are “coming out ” .

Most recently Jason Collins.

I was curious to know how the public felt about people in sports preferring the same sex, so I took to my favorite social networking site that always delivers results.

Before asking I was weary of the type of responses I would get.

Here are the results:

20% said sexual preference effects ability to play sports

80% said sexual preference has nothing to do with sports


“No , So why does it need to be announce ? ” Diva P.

“No, I know many gays that are one of the best athletes I have ever seen” Jacob H

“No, You can be gay and be a pro athlete and you can be straight an be a pro athlete”  Zach A.

“obviously being a lesbian makes me a better softball player” Lenay L.

What are your thoughts ?

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