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Question of The Day ! #supremeathlete


Ok So somehow I always end up in a non-aggressive argument about who are the greatest athletes… Or What sport has the most versatile athletes to be specific.

I will touch on the greatest athlete of all time on another Question of the Day.

So to “resolve” the issue lets take it to social media !

The Question

” Which Sport has the most versatile Athlete ? “

The Verdict:

Track and Field 29% of Votesbestsporttrackandfield

“Track and field is all about running, jumping, and throwing. Pretty much the base of all sports ” Chris B.

Football 19% of Votes

“So many different aspects to the game bring an influx of different kinds of athletes. From big, tall & strong linemen to fleet and quick receivers ” Andi N.

Soccer 6% of Votes

” The Endurance it takes, and there’s also the coordination it takes to dribble that ball. The finesse of the sport could be applied to every aspect of life” Alexander W.

Golf 6% of Votes

Bowling 3% of Votes

“Because they can drink and eat while playing and it doesn’t affect their performance” Batman J.

MMA 3% of Votes

“The Most things to train for” Matthew Z.

Gymnastics 3% of Votesgymnastics

“You have to be very flexible, strong, coordinated, fast… ” Butternut F.

Hockey 3% of Votes

“You have to be able to skate very well and fast while handling a puck with a stick while avoiding other players trying to hit you. In other sports you have your feet” Joshua K

Triathlon 3% of Votes

Kayak 3% of Votes

Baseball 3% of Votes

Looks as though Track and Field is the winner!

Side Note: No I did not fudge the results.

What do you think ? What sport has the most versatile athletes ?


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