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Monday Motivational Madness

Coming to as live as a blog post can be is Monday Madness !

In conjunction with Fitness Friday, my sister and I decided we needed a day committed to abs and abs only. This blog post will run down our Monday ab results. Goal of Monday Madness is to increase the amount of reps each Monday until we reach 500 continuous crunchies in a day !

Lets get it !

Monday Results:

Sirena : 125

Brianny: 100

If your up for the challenge let us know ! Like the Fitness Friday Post well Feature you on here !

Fitness Friday

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  1. ola williams

    Its a welcom idea baby. I lov it ok.

  2. This is a great quote that many athletes should go by or should motivate them to work harder…very inspiring…!!! #abday #sirenasworld


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