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Track Talk Tuesdays

There is a fine line between knowing when to practice through pain and knowing when to stop. As athletes I feel it is very important to understand all of our aches and pains we have. Understand the difference from being hurt and sore. And just being aware of how we feel in general. Not only should we worry about our physical but also our mental. Our mental game is something that is easily overlooked all the time. And to be completely sure I am not exactly why. I tell my athletes all the time sports is 90% mental and 10 % talent. You can have all the talent in the world but if you don’t show up on that day to perform .. all that training you have done over time can be thrown out the window (metaphorically speaking)..

Soooooo with that check out Track Talk Tuesday.. My Mental


Things I do When I feel “bummie”:Track Talk Tuesdays

  • Watch a Motivational Movie
  • Eat Rocky Road
  • Talk to Someone Who is super Positive about life (more positive than me)
  • Call my mom or dad
  • Think of something creative to do to take my mind off how im feeling
  • Get out of my house any way possible
  • Cook something I’ve never made before
  • go to yoga
  • Reorganize my closet (currently it’s color coded o_O)
  • Reorganize my entire room (normally this is just me cleaning)
  • Dance and sing around the house
  • Attempt to learn dance routines on YouTube (I’ve successful learned and forgotten them all)

Lol What do you do when you feel bummie ? #tracktalktuesdays with your answers or leave a comment below ūüôā

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