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Question of The Day ! #Blondelife #racism #blackgirlsrock

do Blondes Have more fun ?

Do Blondes Have More Fun ? do Blondes Have more fun ?

So in lieu of this drastic change from black to blonde I have been receiving all types of looks and stares.. More than normally. All positive of course… From people telling me I am beautiful to people asking me what I am mixed with… To touch on the subject of me being mixed I am not.. I am 100% African American.. Of course throughout my lineage I do have Black Foot Indian and Cherokee spread throughout my roots but for the most part I’m black. Upon this new venture I have had a number of people not accept the fact that I am just a regular black girl. It’s as if I have to be something exotic and “beautiful black girls” are non existent or famous.

For example:

Person: “Wow your gorgeous”

Me: Thank you

Person: If you don’t mind me asking what are you ?

(SideNote : as if I’m an alien species lol)

Me: Just a regular black girl

Person: Are you sure you not like Eritrean or Ethiopian or something like in your family…

Me: No. Why do I have to be Eritrean or Ethiopian to be beautiful  ?

Person: You don’t just where I am from those are the girls that are beautiful. I don’t mean to offend you I just didn’t know black girls could look like you.

After this conversation I was confused as to where this person was from… So I just said I appreciated the complement and went about my day.


Person: OMG you are so pretty

Me: Thank you

Person: So what are you ?

Me: Black

Person: Whaattt ? No way… you can tell me what you are I won’t tell anyone…

(SideNote: Now I am a secret race that only a select few know about ? )

Me: I’m just a normal Black girl

Person staring at me in confusion: No.. psh .. No.. Come on tell me..

Me: Ok. but you can’t tell anyone … I’m an aborigine..

Person: I knew it ! Wait what is that..

Me: Me Google it. (Walks away laughing)

There are more interactions like this but those where two I thought to share. So Now let’s get to question of the Day !

So I took to my social Networking account to see the type of reactions I would get and here they are below.. A Few of my followers may want to brace themselves …(You know who you are lol) A few people answered the question asked and others… welll….. you’ll see.

Sam H. : You’re absolutely beautiful

Fred N: I think so

Mike S. : Sexy

Joel D.: Cute

Tom B: Don’t Know

John P: Some Do

Duane K. : Yes

Bruce M.: If they want to

Alvaro A.: Wow your are so cute !

Ash H.: Bet you Do 😉

Bobby R.: Not always

Mike J.: Ur Black

Thomas T.: yes … I had 10 Blondes to 1 Brunette

Shelia S. : No lol

Andrew P: Not when there black

Tracey C.: I think So

Jonathan T. : You ain’t no white girl your a fake blonde you a clown (I will touch on this guy in a second)

Lane F.: No

Oscar M.: Sure

Vinod B.: Looks Like That

K S. : I don’t think so. Are you fun ?

So as you can see the response range from people answering to the question to not answering the question… Now for the people who did not answer the question and decided to look at color… lmao

Jonathan T Conversation:Aborigine People

Jonathan T: You ain’t no white girl your a fake blonde you a clown

Me: Lmao…I feel sorry for you and your perception on life…

Jonathan T: I’m good baby I’m 100% authentic you need to feel Srry for yourself lmao tryna be a white girl and shit it’s not working
>Me: If you say so.. Lol I find it completely hilarious that you think “I’m trying to be white”… I would think in this day and age that thought process of one race trying to another would be dead and gone…. I assume with your way of thinking when a white girl tans she is trying to be black or of darker complexion because they understand the value… Lmao perfect sense … And a history lesson for you there are African Americans who are naturally blonde … The aborigine people are born blonde hair blue eyes.. I suppose these people are trying to white as well? Lmao

He never responded after that…

Mike J Conversation:
>Mike J.:Ur black
Me: Lol your point ?
Mike J: Ur not a blonde lol
Me: Is blonde a race ?
Mike J: You are not a natural blonde right? Lol
Me: Being a natural blonde has nothing to do with the question lol
Mike J: Haha sure it does.
Me: It really doesn’t lol
Mike J: Do u like white guys or black guys?
Me: I find all races beautiful and to be honest hair color has nothing to do with the amount if fun you have ! Who you are as a person dictates the amount of fun you have. I think when people begin to look past race they will understand the true beauty in life and people. But I enjoyed this conversation and wish you the best in life ! Have an awesome day Mike 🙂
Mike J: Thank you! You do the same! And have fun with the blonde hair.

I didn’t even bother with Andrew P. , Just told him that his comment was sad lol

On the positive side I think the world is changing and that the percentage of those clinging onto race is slowly diminishing.. of course this is based on this one question I asked my audience. For those who answered with race they are now exposed to a different point of view on life and hopefully from that day forward that start to take people for who they are and not how they look.. That is my hugest pet peeve.. Judging books by their cover that is… Sometimes it doesn’t even have to do with race.. Someone once told I only hang around my friends because they are ugly and I want to make myself look good.. Boy did that person get a mouth full ! (This was back when Facebook had that honesty box and you could ask people questions anonymously.. lol…)

Sometimes I think I grew up in the wrong generation… I’m the Hippy of the family.. Love. Peace and Happiness.. I am very receptive to auras and diction (something you pick up as an introvert)… So when people come to me with statements ( or negative auras ) that have to do with appearance it saddens me. Those people will never understand what is like to live life and have fun because they are to busy associating stereotypes instead of looking at people for who they are as a person…


History Lesson !

For those of you interested on where this slogan came from 🙂

Clairol- Do Blondes Have more Fun ?

Clairol’s one-step home hair color was a breakthrough in the beauty industry, as was its advertising campaign. Clairol hired the advertising firm Foote, Cone & Belding, which assigned the account to a junior copywriter (Shirley Polykoff, the only female copywriter at the firm). Polykoff’s future mother-in-law inspired the “Does she…or doesn’t she?” slogan. After meeting Polykoff for the first time, she took her son aside and asked him about the true color of his girlfriend’s hair. “Does she color her hair, or doesn’t she?” the embarrassed Polykoff could imagine her mother-in-law-to-be asking. Although Polykoff did color her hair, the practice was not something to which women openly admitted during the Depression (when her future mother-in-law first asked the question). In 1956 (when Polykoff was assigned the Clairol campaign), hair dye was still considered something not used by genteel women.

To counter the stigma of hair color and create a wholesome, sentimental image for Clairol, early print ads—some of which were shot by fashion photographers Richard Avedon and Irving Penn—featured girl-next-door models accompanied by children with hair the same color. “Does she…or doesn’t she?” became an effective slogan: within six years 70 percent of all adult women were coloring their hair, and Clairol’s sales increased fourfold. In 1967, Polykoff was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame.

The company’s “If I’ve only one life to live, let me live it as a blonde” slogan was recorded for the ad campaign by actress Rosemary Rice.[5] The company achieved notoriety in the late 1990s and early 2000s for its ads for Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo. Said as “a totally organic experience”, the ads often featured women washing their hair and making sounds similar to those of someone having an orgasm.

Polykoff delivered the knock out punch with “Is it true blondes have more fun?”

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  1. tiffany

    wow absolutely love this post! Really great points you bring up because there is still a group of people who do believe hair choice is reflective of one’s self perception. We know how big “hair” is in our culture and I think its great to bring in the point that hair color may be a choice, but its also not indicative of someone’s personality. bringing up aborigines is powerful because even celebrities such as Beyonce constantly face criticism for choosing blonde hair. Love to see some more post on people’s reactions of your hair.

    • Sirenas World

      Thank You Tiffany! Considering I am just going to let it grow all the way out I am sure I will have tons of stories on this hair journey I am embarking upon !

  2. Tamarra

    I’m so glad and proud to be able to call u my forever roomie!! You took something u did on a whim and turned it into a conversation on race, beauty and stereotypes!! Hahahahaha I love it!! Although not intentional. But u did the responsible thing you voiced your opinion and educated people!! I admit I didn’t like the blonde hair change u did but now I love it simply for this reason. I didn’t like it because I knew that people would see u as “wanting to be white” “neglecting your heritage” so on and so on. Although there are black people who dye their hair, straighten their hair, weave up their hair, wear colored contacts to appear less black (mixed, bi-racial or a whole other race altogether) there are some like you. Who just want to do something different than usual. See beauty and hair as an accessory and not something that changes who u are (inside)!! I loved that you talked about how there are some African diasporic people who are natural blondes probably more natural than most white blondes. Lol which debunked the stereotype or misconception that black people blonde their hair to be white. But sadly like I said many black people who do that know nothing of the Aborigine people and do do blonde their hair to not be more white but to be more accepted based on the biased standards of beauty!! That is evident in the fact that many of our black celebrities don’t reach their peak of success or don’t change physically until they reach their peak of success into lighter skinned, thinner, blonde versions of themselves. Love Beyoncé but walked passed her Loreal ad in the store and thought she was a white woman. This wasn’t a coincidence it’s by design especially in the media. And many black girls grow up with that stigma on their own hair & skin color and aspire to be more acceptable more white!! But maybe if they knew about the Aborigines and more ppl knew about them. Then maybe the blonde trend would be more about reclaiming one’s own heritage instead of claiming someone else’s to hide ur own!! But what we should learn from ur hair and story is that once again BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT MONOLITHIC!! some have natural blonde hair, some have kinky hair black/dark brown hair & some are proud of their lineage whereas some (most) are not and wish they were some thing else. But with that being said just because you or any other black person decides to dye their hair blonde, wear a weave etc doesn’t mean they hate themselves!! Sometimes it is exactly what it is…it’s on the surface either they’re bored and want to spice it up like cutting your hair, or wearing bright orange nail polish vs nude or as in the entertainment industry the celebs do it for money. Do I think Beyoncé, Ciara, etc hate themselves hate being black no (nicki is a different case–based on the things I’ve heard her say) but do I think they changed to be more accepted, to get more money to achieve super stardom hell yea!! They’re playing the game and their winning. The only thing is by doing this they help to perpetuate the belief that black isn’t beautiful!! And then we have black girls & (brown girls of all ethnicities/races) hating the skin they’re in and wanting to be others. Yet as u mentioned there are white girls/ppl (lighter/fairer skin ppl) who tan, get collagen in their lips, butts etc to what look more like black people. They may not know it (they do it to achieve a sense of beauty) but it’s to inhabit the physical essence of African heritage—but society doesn’t see it that way why bc we’re not the standard of beauty. But it’s one in the same. Black ppl embrace whiteness and white ppl embrace blackness (in regards to beauty) but really we should all just embrace our own unique individual and collective beauty! Good piece roomie!!

  3. Shiba

    Wow! Great post! A friend sent me the link after reading my fb status that I posted a couple of days ago when I was essentially told, just like you, I was beautiful then the person basically refused to believe that I was no mixed with any other race or heritage because “black Americans are ugly”. Worst part is she had no clue how closed her belief system is and how offensive she was being.

    • Sirenas World

      Thank you Shiba ! I am glad you enjoyed the post ! And yes I completely understand where you are coming from ! Happens to me more so now with this blonde hair then it did before lol But I think as people slowly begin to realize you don’t have to be mixed or from another country to be beautiful the world will begin to be a better place 🙂

  4. blaw0013

    Don’t know why i am here 3 years late. Thank you for your post. Your beauty is your realness. And if I’m here because you’re wondering to go blonde agin, my vote is yes!

    • Sirenas World

      Thank you!!! I have been playing around with blonde. Thinking of going for a bold color next 🙂


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