Meet the Goossens

Let me just start off by saying how rad this family is.. They all speak 4 languages… well at least I think they all do.. I never heard the little one speak spanish.. or french now that I think about .. but since she is living in that household

Meet Day !!

Warmed up and ready to go. Felt pumped and ready to race my first race back in Belgium. I knew it was going to be a great race.. My only competition was the clock and the lady to pull me through to 12 was present.. We were sure to break 13… Well I

First Days of Belgium

Back at it and traveling the world to run! This stop Belgium… Well at least revisiting…. This time around I decided to stay with a host family for a few days… or at least got set up with a host family for a day. I must say even though I only

Your on The Dutch Side of Belgium

Who knew ? Before heading out to Europe I made a point to learn a few french phrases that I deemed would suffice should I need to speak french (I used the app Duolingo which was suggested by Amber.. my teammate.. in case you were wondering). Upon my